Nostalgia Thread, your first sticks, no Shame no Judgement


Old hats bring out your first or earliest sticks builds and mods you got photos of
New guys to the forums, feel free to also post your first or even current projects
No judgement, Noob Mistakes, Jank, and bad work accepted.

Just nothing stock, we want to see your earliest, rawest work

I will Start

My Very ever first stick ever

First lesson from a noob modder in the making

For the new guys, we can critique their work, help them out to be better modders
But remember the difference between critique and criticism; one is supposed to be helpful the other is just being an ass.


My first set of sticks, circa 2007.
Built out of melamine-coated particle-board with plexi cover. The thing is HUGE (about 5 feet wide).

Made primarily with CvS2 in mind:

Used Happ Competition Sticks and Happ Competition pushbuttons (concave) in the stupidly super-wide American layout:

Top is hinged and opens up; huge barrier strips, wacky wire lengths.

Ghetto project boxes!


No way as bad as my stick. :grin:


Awesome thread, cool posts!

Figured I share mistakes and first projects, wish I had pics of early proto stuff…that would have been a good laugh. Around 2002-2004 I started doing actual wood work, I think 2001 was my first time actually ordering parts from Happ (IL back then) and trying to see what to make of them with project boxes.

First stick ever built from scratch, used Pixel art from Kawaks, it had a nice interface to work graphics and I was into mugen then so sprite ripping was a thing for me and XMvsSF was one of my favorite games, specially the sprites on the vs screens, always so dynamic.

Mistakes were made, plenty, lol.

This monster was product of spending too much time at BYOAC, spinner meant to be added to the end below the extra 3 buttons.

I was a Robotron fiend, enjoyed Golden Tee and was feverous about Tempest, of course fighting games were also my thing, so one stick to rule them all…

I wish I had pics of the inside now, damn shame. Nothing spectacular but worth a chuckle.

I did another dual setup, same frame as this one, found some inside pics, unfortunately not wired. Button layout was a hybrid of sorts I wanted to try, very good for neo and a bit of a getting used to for Capcom games. Not awful but hey, I was trying stuff out.

DSC02272 DSC02273 Building%20007

Jakks TV fun project I did just 'cause I loved those things, I used to think they were so nifty, specially with the twist balltop for pole position which I made a separate knob for.

Project boxes were a thing too. Something fun to do.
DSC00289 DSC00294


First Arcade CP I ever did work on…it was a HIgh IMpact Football Midway cab, same type as Rampage.

Another early project, grabbed a generic cab shell for 100 bucks and did a TV in there with a DC and a sound system, it was hideous but hey, it was the sheer will of naivety and discovery.


Omg! You inspired me with the UGCs! I have like 20 sittong arojnd not doing anything. Awesome idea!


First stick ever? A custom “Ken” themed Happ stick for the PS2 (Red & Yellow colorscheme). Bought it from someone on here. It was a good stick but, opening it up and examining the internals, i learned a lot about various parts. In the end, i bought the 15th Anniversary edition Street fighter stick(first mod!) and modded it with Happ parts and sold the other one (didn’t need two sticks).


I would LOVE more pics of that DC cab, specially the guts!


Blast from the Past! I feel like I built this one and sold it to someone here almost 13 years ago. Wow. It had a PSOne PCB inside because those were easiest to hack and worked with PS2 and most converters fairly well.

The next one I made after this was for a guy named DevilJin01, I’m not sure how well it held up but I hope it lasted him a good while.

Good to see you guys again, someone mentioned I pop up in here so here I am.