I didn’t want to troll with my nonsense in the ytwojay-Shade battle thread, so here goes.
Reminisce suckahs! :tup:

neroiscariot a.k.a. nro



soul-ebelius a.k.a. Kid Wonder

eclipse a.k.a. BlodiaVulcan5

By no means are these people obsolete, they’ve just moved on from IMM, or don’t appear as often. [Course, they could have changed their name I would never know!]

Haven’t had enough time to search through the DAs, so feel free to add.

I took one look at Tagmonkey and that place is just infested with people who just chuck shit into free renders and change the colors a bit and call it a day, damn.

I miss the old days.

Funny you mention that, reason I made this thread is because I just came from tagmonkey, made me miss the old days too Chibi. :frowning:

In-fucking-credible. . . .woulda liked to have learned from the guy. . . .others eh looks the same as I always see at other places. . .guess that’s old school though. . .always better than new school right?

Tagmonkey used to be decent. People actually tried to be creative.

Now its just Stock + random crap sharpened to hell + random render in pirated 3d prog = lawlz new tag.

Once upon a time, people drew things with the brush tool without having to sharpen/blur things 8 times until it was just a colored streak.

And don’t even get me started on clouds on an overlay/screen layer. :annoy:

yeah man,ill add to the list, i miss everyone lol









and GigAHertZ, NRO, DeafNYC72, Bay6, robotron, summersaultjustin16, clash, SETH, Fosizzle383 ; but i dont know there devaint

I guess thats all srk from wut i remember

Damn, I battled Ricepicker once I think. Only battle I’ve ever done ha.

DeafNYC72 gets so much credit though, his stuff was never amazing, but you had to give him so many props for always coming up with new works.

Cycloidbeta was one of my all-time favorites. I remember thinking he invented “tech” style avatars and such.

Ah, thanks AD for all those other names I’ve forgotten.


Damn I miss those times.

The board used to have so many posts, and the Showcase thread would reach 500 extremely fast.

<3 EEK, neroiscariot, TigerGenocide, and Rei.

Oh yeah, anyone remember McGeezer, Prolific/Numbers, etc?

oh yeah Tiger Genocide(i know he has a dA but i cant find it in my watch list), Rei and Cham

i think it’s


I think the Geezer admins some boards at Tagmonkey.

And shit, I STILL owe TigerGenocide a wallpaper. If he comes back here to read this, I’ll be damned and will make him that wallpaper I promised 3 or so years ago.

oh snap, he’d kill me if he knew that i forgot him… good thing he wont know =]

anyways i didnt think that mcGeezer was srk… even thought he always had something guile ava… i dunno… lol, also seoji/trance

TG and rei are were never here when they were on srk lol, i swear rei would randomly pop up now and then

I tried to get robotron to post here but he seems to avoid srk. Oh yeah OrangeCAt should be mentioned.

That’s too bad, always love his animations. Also, I see him around sometimes but OrangeMegaslide used to post a lot of his works.

Slide is pretty active and hes not OrangeCat lol.

Ha I know he’s not OrangeCat, but I just remember Slide used to frequent the Showcase thread more with is great works.

Tetsu moved away (he used to live in my town). I haven’t seen him on here very much since then.

He needs to get his ass back online.

Edit: I remember checking IMM and only seeing Tag Battles. And props to Asian Demon, you made my first AV! Kim Kaphwan animated and the works :tup:!

You know, I think the last version of TM [or maybe two versions ago] was the worst.

The quality of the best artists at TM is still the same, its just that there are a lot more mediocre people who joined because they heard TM is the place to be. You can’t fault them for growing.

Not only that, but he was always so helpful/cheerful. I wonder what happened to him…

Yeah, SMG is still active at TM. I wonder what happened to Prolific/Numbers. He used to troll a lot, then he leveled up, and finally he just disappeared. I bet he came back under a new alias.

seoji was so awesome. He was really innovative and everything he made seemed so fresh.

ROBO used to post here quite a bit. At one point he was paying for a premium membership for both of his SRK accounts.

I talk to Tetsu every once in a while on aim. He started a request thread a while back, but he disappeared after a few requests like he usually does.

There used to be a lot of talent around these parts: nro, eclipse, blackadde, EEK, LCTech, etc. The only new schooler that impresses me is BIGWORM, and he isn’t even really an IMM regular. His new collab tag was nuts.