Not a Joystick Anywhere

Recently (which has been too late) I have gotten off my black ass and tried to find myself a Stick. Well, I can’t fuckin find one because they’re ALL sold out, EVERYWHERE.

First off I went on a search for the SE Fightstick and found hella websites where they were being priced at 40 - 70 dollars over the original price. LOL never will I pay such a price.

So then I decide, Hey! The shitty Hori EX 2 sticks should be in abundance because most people say they suck and whatnot. I go look for the $50 PoS and EVERY site I went to they’re sold out… Just my luck.

Then… I went to good ol’ eBay to see what was up there only to find that every stick on there was at an inflated price. :sad:

Anyway I really just made this thread to rant and ask if anyone at all has a stick they can sell to me for under $100 for the 360 :wgrin:

Edit: Now that I think about I would say a good 65% of the people that even went and bought these sticks will probably stop using them one a new FPS comes out or they realize they’re a scrub that will never improve.

This should be interesting.

Gonna have to be patient and wait for everyone to restock. The SF4 sales are dropping, this means when the restock occurs chances are they won’t all vanish like this stock did.

Pick up an SE, mod it with Seimitsu/Sanwa and you’ll be one happy guy. (120 dollars fully modded)

If with the mods it needs to be under 100, then you’ll just have to wait for the hype to die and pick up an EX2 and mod that.

All this is common sense tho bro. Don’t expect anyone to sell you a stick now for under 100. Only a fool or a very good samaritan would do that. Your best bet is to put out the money, and get a custom.
Check out Electric-Trouble or Arcade-in-a-box. Less than 200 can get you something amazing. Better than either of the Madcatz.

There are no SE’s under like $140-150

I really don’t think a game accessory should be that expensive, but then again I need it.

thank god i built up a stick collection long prior to SFIV…

$150 isnt too much for a stick, just too much for a madcatz stick.

I meant when they restocked…

You get what you pay for.

Just like most things, you can’t expect to get a Ferrari quality product for a Hyundai price. (In most cases, and no disrespect to Hyundai owners :rofl:)

The Madcatz sticks will probably be in stock before he got a stick from either of those sites.


BTW: I see you got XBOX Live throw me a friend request :smiley:

Actually I don’t care if it’s a Hyundai as long as it can get me from point A to point B you feel me?

HRAP3s, I want one…

Yea but the thing is the difference in getting from Point A and Point B can be very different between a high-end stick (smooth ride) and a low-end stick (bumpy road).

And lots of people end up opting to buy a higher quality joystick in the end anyways which in the end equals more money spent in the end than just buying a high end joystick in the first place. :S

But anyways, if you really don’t care about quality and want something that just works, the cheapest you could probably find right now is an X-Arcade stick on eBay. (Prob around $60 - 80)
But if you take a look around, you’re better off saving your money and just buying a high quality joystick instead of a POS that just gets you from Point A to B (X-Arcade).

I guess I might have to opt for a fightpad in the meantime if I can find one in the area.

This is ridiculous though because I know that in a coupe months these people’s sticks will be paperweights or just sitting in a fuckin closet somewhere.

You’re in Marietta. They have 1 Ken fight pad, used, at the Gamestop at The Avenues on Dallas Highway. Cheaper than new, and if you have an Edge card, even better.

Hey I did a gamestop search for a TE stick on saturday and they said one was in I believe Monroe ? GA. It’s prob gone by now but maybe not

Imitrex wins again.

Thank you so much man. Imma look into it friday if it’s not already gone.

I get paid then…

Edit: Wait is it for the 360?