Not a lot going on at the Capcom fighting games front

I guess we’re nearing the end of our journey, it’s really sad how it’s ending. I had a lot of hope during October of this year, it’s all downhill now.

Let us hold hands and mourn the death of Street Fighter. :sad:

(This is a semi-serious thread so don’t hurt me… much :wink: )

Yes join us SNK brethren…join us as we are fed very well…I can rub my tummy…

Yeah the Capcom front is pretty quiet. I spend most of my time playing Samurai Shodown V: Special and I’m waiting on Neo Geo Battle Colisseum over the holidays for something new to play.

Have you ever considered Guilty Gear?

They got some game on the horizon. “Lost Planet”. Japan 360 only.

Wish it was Street Fighter 4: Ryu is dead.

I co-sign the join the dark side, join snk… though frankly, sorry folks but I won’t feel really satisfied until the once rumored (only rumored alas!) Legacy of Might (a.k.a Garou Densetsu 9 a.k.a Garou MOTW 2) comes out. Seems like I’ll never be satisfied ! At least I’m fed!

There haven’t been any new chess games in a few hundred years, still fun tho.

Let’s not forget that Arc Systems has both GGXX Slash and Fist of the North Star.

It sucks for Capcom to be so lame these days fighting game wise. CFE/CFJ was complete bull and I thought that Capcom could do better than that…PUT CODY IN DAT BITCH!!! Anyways, it is very sad to look at the legacy of Capcom fighting games and see very much success and then quiet. I mean come on, bless me with an Alpha 4 or an EX4 at least. Just to be sure that the heart is still beating. I feel that Capcom isn’t dead just yet. We have DMC4 to worry about. Until then…SNK and GG is my homey. NGBC TO THE MAX!!! Anyone heard of a console release date for this?

Hahaha <3 FMJ

I was thinking to myself a few days ago… Wouldnt it be tight if at e3 next year if Capcom showed a trailer that said “The ressurection of Capcom fighting games” and showed footage of SF4, MvC3, CvS3, and even sequels to titles like rival schools and plasma sword.

Then I woke up.:sad:

What about 3D chess? The one on Star Trek? It looked hella tight.

errr… fighting games are dead periodly. so forget the fighting games and come join the FPS and the MMORPG for your life here will be much better and you will make alot of friends too and you get to sit your lazy ass on your chair all day long. :tup:

NGBC Dec 22nd folks…brace yourself for TOP TIER GEESE HOWARD…HEHEHEH!!!

Hmm… street fighter 3 or Devil May Cry 3? Why would Crapcom bother making games of a dying genre when they can make flourishing works of art like DmC?

It’s times like this that I’m glad I saw the “light”, and started playing the likes of SNK wares, GG, and even have branched off into the likes of Melty Blood and other Doujinsoft fighters years ago. In recent years, Capcom has only shown that they not only have “lost their touch” as far as fighting games go (among other things), but they seemingly have no real interest in trying to get it back either. If they were the Capcom that I loved for easily 3/4ths of my life, they would’ve given me such things like a sequel to Tech Romancer and Project Justice years ago.

Ah well…no reason to be crying, especially when Arc Systems is rubbing me the right way with Fist of the North Star…

The Capcom front has been quiet just in general lately.

What have they released besides Resident Evil 4, and what are they working on? I honestly can’t think of anything…

I wish they’d release another game like 3rd Strike…Shit’s tight.

MMORPGs?!?! It’s all about the HEADSHOTS!

The games that capcom is recently working on are:

final fight: streetwise
devil may cry 4
resident evil 5