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hi, i am a new honda player, i picked honda bcoz i liked his damage and gimmicks :stuck_out_tongue: ,but now i’m getting a little humbled lately, u c 1 of my friend still uses d same boring overpowered ryu ,d problem is that he play really gud or i play bad, but i have d most problem in ryu matchup ,its something that has gone into my head for reasons like

  1. ryu jumping normal r broken, his j fp sometimes beat ex hbutt
  2. ryu’s fireball recovery is so good that often people will bait u to jump so that they can srk u, and forget about punishing it with d slow ultra 1(honda)
  3. ryu has numerous ways to land his awesome ultra 1(ryu)
  4. ryu can tick throw much easier from his fast light normals
  5. d light punch srk, not only is it free, recovery is so good, if u get it while jumping then its really gointa hurt coupled wid ultra 1, also people can randomly throw it out at throw range to bait u out and then cross up to f*** ur charge
    so plz all u pro players plz help


anyone wants to help plz guys, when i jump over ryu’s fireball , they jump over me as well and then d mixup and tick-throw game with honda having no option than ex hb.


hey bro,

wut u wnt tdo is play da game fmor the best plyrs point of viu. You shud jst watch some uv d japoniss play when they are de bess.


i tink jou haf tu b veri pasjent in d rieu ketchup


dud i no wut u r sayain shodos r so chep i go 2 da canar stor and git leik 2 for fee dollarz.


wut u sayen abt u1 bein slw as fck no way snny it s de bst ultra in de game. dnt forgt s well tht ry loves bein touchd by sumos so strke his chest. if u still cnt beat him then pick zero


[quote=Thunder Road Man, post: 7314196, member: 62720]
wut u sayen abt u1 bein slw as fck no way snny it s de bst ultra in de game. dnt forgt s well tht ry loves bein touchd by sumos so strke his chest. if u still cnt beat him then pick zero

so basically ur saying that honda’s ultra1 which starts in 11 frames is a fast ultra, no its not u can’t punish from full screen like chun’s ultra1 or ken’s ultra 2 ,also i know d best ultra in d game is yoga catastrophe, so plz give some advice , and don’t just say anything that comes to ur mind :P[/quote]


thnx man atlest u gave some sensible reply, i try 2 b patient with him,its just that even when u get close honda caan only use hhs to get some pressure, and again jab srk ftw :smiley:


ya bro already watched mike ross vs daigo, that guy is so much balls… also his execution is top notch, anyways always gud to c daigo d beast humbled :stuck_out_tongue:


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I bu ewu mpama, ngada ka gi mma. kedu ka i ga esi na amago na ebe Ryu no.


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so because you have problems against ryu, you blame it on him being overpowered?? maybe you just ____ against him?

to beat ryu you just have to play super solid, patient etc… its funny some players jump all day without thought. then they wonder why ryu does lp DP into ultra. These players will then scream cheap/overpowered etc…, but there is nothing cheap or over powered about it. thats why you don’t see decent players getting baited into that ultra set up. be solid, think a bit more. Let him chip away at you with fireballs, that damage is nothing compared to dp > ultra. Dont get impatient, use this time to try and find an opening. Or corner him, now once cornered it will be him making the mistakes. Look out for them and punish. I don’t use honda so i can’t give you scenarios against ryu, but his neutral jump HP is very strong due to its active frames. You can create a wall with it when you have him cornered. Just remember you don’t always have to overcommit, unless youre Mike Ross who is high level. Sometimes, simple tic for tac will suffice. Focus through some fireballs when advancing. build your ultra bar. now dare him to throw another fireball


Honda vs Ryu is a 5-5

for Hadoken just neutral jump in or focus it (2/3 of the screen), when you are half screen away or less a butt slam goes through fireball
You have no business jumping against ryu, the only thing you need is a neutral jump fierce or jump back fierce
For Ryu jump in just light head butt him, sHP can trade, jump back fierce, EX headbutt
at mid range you can sHK him on reaction to punish fireball.
E honda U1 can punish Ryu hadoken from 3/4 screen away.

Use Ex headbutt when they walk towards you and follow up with Hard Headbutt. they fall for that cheap trick

Dude I love the Ryu matchup with honda, easier than Gen


thanx man ur post really helped , just beat him today :D, but can u tell me d ideal range that standing hp will trade/beat jump-ins it’ll help when u don’t have charge, i tried to use it but always got stuffed, goin to training mode now


ya man ur right, i think i get a little impatient with ryu although i play very patiently against sagat and manage to get him into d corner, but with ryu’s hodoukens i get d same irrational fear as bison chipping u 2 death with lp scissors pressure :p, and ur post really helped , thnx m8 ,feel free to post any more vids,suggestions if u like :slight_smile:


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I think its slightly disengenuous to say that you don’t have to jump at ryu to win the match. Obv mindless jumping is bad and will get you killed but to think that ur going to manage to beat a strong ryu with st rh and focusing through fireballs is wishful thinking.

Buttslam can be made completely useless by a ryu who knows the match as his cr hp owns it for free due to it’s outstanding active frames.

In my opinion the ryu match is about slowly moving your opponent to the corner while carefully observing his fireball pattern, once in the corner walk up oicho and hands pressure should allow you to take the match.

Importantly if you land an oicho in the corner either go for a follow up oicho to put the ryu back in the corner or use the NJ HP trick to retain corner control.

The thing to realise is ryu has better normals than honda and wins the match at every range besides very upclose and when he’s in the corner. While everyone will say jumping is bad, scrubby etc. You have to make the ryu prove he can AA, i’ve found that max range jump lp tick oicho is very effective as it seems to hit alot earlier than opponents are ready to AA and the suprise leads to a free oicho.

Neutral jumping forward over fireballs while obviously an important part of the match isn’t free, at certain ranges a competent ryu can easily press st rh to hit u out of the air.

Don’t fall in love with jumping but don’t play so correct that you don’t try, it’s honda vs ryu don’t forget, sooner or later your gonna jump, what’s important is to do it on your terms and not out of exasperation.

One trick ive found to be effective is going for an extremely late crossup after oicho midscreen, wakeup dp seems to fail to atocorrect when doen with reversal timing giving u a free punish.

If you recognise attempted air tatsu crossup you can counter it with either cr lp or cr hp.

Beware ex fireball, it’s very fast and moves ryu’s hitbox back much like hondas st hp allowing it to be very effective in footsie range.


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Also i just mash dat stop sign in this match, neutral jump fierce is good at getting over fireballs, keeping ryu in the corner, and smacking ryu if he jumps. Other than that just walk forward and get in dat ass.