Not another Gay thread... version 2.0.5


The last Gay thread “ask a gay guy” was closed. the one before that was the gay gamers thread both are gone.

So I’m opening this one. Just before we get started i just wanted to thank IWST99 for originally creating his thread but i think the purpose of his thread at least in his mind was realized about halfway through the thread.

The purpose of this one? Alot of people had questions that were silly and were answered in kind. which is absolutely fine… others had questions and opinions that were a bit more involved. We all know the rules about religion so if were going to share our beliefs and opinions let’s try to keep things respectful and intelligent if were gonna go there.

It’s a discussion first and foremost so let’s discuss.
got questions? Ask’em.

and this is not really version 2.0.5 of this thread… i just thought it looked cool…


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Right on. I have nothing exceptional to add except that now nobody can bitch about it not being on topic, or us just digging a deeper hole or whatever else. :bgrin:

The other day, I was hanging out with some friends who know nothing of me not being hetero, and we were trying to see if someone we knew remembered our friend’s girlfriend… Anyway, I was describing her, and I remembered her recently talking about getting her hair foiled, so I used the word (foiled) after my other friend said she had brownish hair… and then she laughed at me (a lot) and said she had to point out how gay it was that I used the word foiled… She was like “Hahaha, I’m sorry, but someone has to say it, that was so gay.” and then I somehow managed to use it again, right after, and she proceeded to tell me that I was such a gay. :lol: Ahhh… I plan on telling her soon, but I can’t really find a time to bring it up.

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I guess IWST stopped using the bear av also… bummer :frowning:


Do you guys sneak peeks in public restrooms?


When you shake other men’s hands do you stare at their crotch?

Cause when I shake women’s hands I often try to sneak a peak at the bosom. You gotta be ninja quick to do that.


Nope. I consider it a weird invasion of privacy, I don’t care who I’m attracted to. I won’t lie, I’ve wanted to. Watching someone pee isn’t exactly something I have the hots for, though. The only time I’ve ever really given someone the double take is in the locker room, but shit… people in the locker room just walk around naked and flaunt it like they want you to see it… too bad most the guys there aren’t something I want to look at. :lol: I tend to look at it from the straight guy perspective though, and avoid it just so people don’t get creeped out and offended.

No… I look people in the eyes when I shake their hands. Handshakes are pretty weird times to try to glance there… usually people notice where your eyes are pointed. I’m sure most the girls you do that too actually notice and just pretend like they don’t. Hahaha, I’ve had female friends tell me things like “He thinks I didn’t notice.”

What a fag. :sad: :lol:



I really do try not to look in the restrooms… but sometimes guys are standing far from the urnial… I kinda… peek.


I just checked the old thread and saw what happened. Pretty stupid reason to close it.


this thread is ghey! :tdown:


Whaddya know? I always joked around about “Damn, that mohawk is gay”. I didn’t realize I was on the money :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: You stopping by GW on thurs, Mech?


IWST is an idiot then for asking the last one to be closed. That was the most positive thread i’ve ever seen to help break the barriers between the homosexual and heterosexual community. Him asking the thread to be closed shows how he let a good thing like that be based all on him. Why should he have the power to close it, even though he started it?

For that matter, close this thread. I’m tired of all this fag*** talk anyways. I’m pissed, because this thread isn’t needed. The other one was good enough, and it helped to educate myself as well as many others. However, since it’s closed i’ll go back to my anti-homo ways.

No homo.


man i remember a looooooong ass time ago i met you at SHGL, and all i could remember was “jesus christ this is the HUGEST gay guy ive ever seen”.

if my memory serves me correct… you played makoto.



:lol: Burn. I’ve had kinda… vibrant hair since before I was attracted to anyone, but… a winner is you. :sweat: If it’s any consolation(what?), I’m not totally gay! :tup: LOL. I figure I might as well get used to people thinking it, though… don’t really care.

I think so. I’ve figured out how to brake (two-foot!) so that my car won’t die when it’s idle… I seriously have to pretend like the RPM tachometer is it’s life bar… if it gets below like… 1,000, the car shuts off. I’m pretty sure I’ve pissed off quite a handful of people at stoplights so far.

The thread wasn’t exactly meant to just be a gay hangout topic, it was supposed to be a question-answer theme that helped people with their inquiries, and it just turned into repeat questions and it was teetering on the edge of religious debate… I don’t blame him.

Waaah, cry more. None of the threads on GD are needed.


Thought i’d ask gay people about their prefered penis size

no homo


I’m not sure what you guys think the reason I closed it is. It has nothing to do with the last post there.

I like how everybody takes it personally or assumes they know the reason I closed it.

If you guys want a gay hang out thread, then by all means make this it. The other thread lost its purpose after the first 300 posts…seriously. I wanted to close it after the first week it was active, since I knew it was no longer going to be what I meant for it to be.

I’m glad it achieved what it did and helped other gay SRK members come out or become comfortable with themselves. But see, now you all have a thread you agreed on and can decided what it’s meant for. It’s the gay guy’s thread for good now. The reason my thread turned into what it did is purely my fault.

In any case, I seriously give a flying fuck what others think I am trying to achieve or if I’m being selfish. Even the gay guys are pissed at me. There’s only one person that seems to actually understand what I was trying to accomplish and how although I achieved it at first, in the end it wasn’t what it was meant for at all. I hope this thread succeeds and brings happiness and rainbows to all.


I demand a stright guys thread.

But this is pretty cool too…



The thing is, why should it be a matter about you? Why should you have the power to close it? Why? Nothing was wrong with it, even if it did morph into a religous debate or if people asked the same questions. Shit man, this thing isn’t simply understood by reading some text. You have to change people’s perceptions if you wish to be the change that you seek.

Also, this is SRK, wtf DID you expect?

In every post you make, it’s becoming clearer to me that this IS about you and you ARE selfish.


Do you even know what the original purpose of the thread was? It wasn’t just a Q and A thread. I know it’s hard for you to grasp…but once again I don’t give a flying fuck.



Anyways, I’m gonna leave this thread alone and let gay guys be gay guys. I doubt my input is further needed.


Are you retarded? What, exactly, do you think he is trying to gain in his ‘selfish’ ways? :lol:


i see what catch afire is saying… after a while it really did kinda become less about ask iwst a question and more about let’s just talk and answer questions when asked… which i thought was a good thing … I pm’ed all the gay gamers about opening up a new thread after the last one closed and in that pm i too noted that we were doing alot of good if not for just opening a dialogue with people who would feel otherwise uncomfortable establishing a dialogues with.

People feel strongly about this issue mainly because we don’t fully understand eachothers veiwpoint so i actually enjoyed the discussions we had where people who had staunch positions against us were able to talk intelligently and express themselves… i’ve always said there’s nothing wrong with sharing your beliefs with others. If both parties can keep an open mind both could learn something.

I consider iwst a friend and not shitting on him with this thread but I guess maybe he got tired of the thread veering so far from his vision? i don’t know.
but I don’t want people to belive as IWST said this is just our gay space on SRK I’m sure you guy’s have seen us post all over the place in various threads it’s just not every thread is apropriate to talk about looking at penis :sweat: and so on.
So we can talk here.

Yay us.