Not another Gay thread... version 2.0.5


hehe… i’d forgotten about the stuff i sent hah.
I did it because i care though. Each of you hold a special place for me even if you dont realize it. For a little bit i got to play big brother to alot of you and that means alot.
these days i’m definitely more daddy than brother haha but it’s okay … life goes on. Mechanica i’m sooo glad you’re safe, glad to know you’re still kicking it. I am on Tumblr though my tumblr has a lot of nude pics of yours truly. if seeing your big green daddybear in the buff doesnt bother you so much i’ll put up my tumblr link before we shut down


/—I still remember meeting you at Bear Bust in Orlando ages ago, and there was that group from a wedding/bachelorette party who were white girl wasted and super curious about why there were lots of big hairy gay dudes around on that particular day. It was a very educational experience for them, but in particular I remember you teasing the bride, saying that you were gonna take her man. Shit was pretty hilarious.

You know we’ve still yet to play some 3S or other stuff together. I’ve been looking at coming back to NYC sometime to hang with my man (who you haven’t met yet). I’ll be sure to let you know when that happens.


hehe i remember i snuck you boys into your first bear party haha that was fun. anytime you want to come hang we can hang … hey whatever happened to your hot drummer friend?


Definitely send him dick pics.


Yeah, that shit was great. Especially the part where you convinced a bunch of hot dudes to hug me. Definitely helped me not be quite as shy as I otherwise would have been. I’ve since become a LOT less shy, but all the bear runs I went to since then plus (as of recently) working at a bathhouse would do that to almost anyone lol.

You mean Chris? He actually moved up to your neck of the woods sometime last year haha. He slimmed up a bit but you’d probably still dig him. I’ll more than likely end up hanging with him while I’m there.


he was such a cutie.

but yeah that was a good time when you come up let me know if i’m in town i’ll definitely hang.


You still around?

Do you live in NY still or you moved out?


is cross-dressing gay?




I see. This one chick doesn’t mind either…


Back in ny at the moment… not sure for how long


That’s cool. I ended up moving to Brooklyn shortly after college. Been here over ten years now.

I hope your life has been good. I haven’t seen you in, what, 13-15 years?


It has been at least 15 years man. Life has been… let’s say it has been an adventure. All the best to you man… big hugs


If anyone wants to keep in touch message me i’ll give you my info and tumblr… again it’s nsfw but i really dont care.


So…Back in the old days, I used to crack wise, and made no secret of my attraction to men, at the time, I also claimed attraction to women. Well, truth be told, I’m gay.


Yeah, me too. Just flip it around. Thought I liked guys. Turns out nah.


Sexuality is weird. But I’m happy. Sex life is great. Getting some amazing dick.


I had completely forgotten about this thread. Good to know you’re still hanging in there GTC.


“Shoot McMann…is very faint of heart.” Dead


I remember this thread, never posted in it, though. :o I think this is my third account here. I can never remember the login info :frowning: