Not Another TN Thread! Ultimate Super Ultra Street Kombat Suplexhold Ver. Chronotrigger


No. We thought you were.


Clarksville player, (half?) step above casual. Currently focused on MKX & KI, but still have USF4, P4AU, and others on 360. Name = XBL.


Sorry for going quiet. I talked to the guys at G2K in JC and they said it would be fine to bring a set up one night a week. I was leaning towards Wednesdays, but if anyone has a preference I’m open to it, except Saturdays. They did also mention that Tuesdays are typically their busiest night, so it sounds off limits.


I’d be up for that. Wednesdays and Thursdays are usually good for me, but I’m working a lot of mandatory overtime at the moment though.



So, Nashville, TN is a pretty booming place nowadays and I’m ASSUMING there are a lot of Street Fighter V players around town… Where you all at?

I, myself, just picked up a PS4 and SFV and I am looking for some face-to-face gaming (online is annoying). Anyone know of a place where people generally congregate to play SFV? I have searched but have found NOTHING.

If there is NOT a meet-up… should we start one? Are there any places or venues people have played in the past? I would be willing to host a meet-up. I have a pretty large garage and some power outlets. I live in the East Nashville area.

Would anyone be interested in starting possibly a weekly or monthly Street Fighter Fight Night?


I’m going to EVO this year. Anyone else going? Want to have a meet up?


So it’s confirmed, this Thursday (and all foreseeable ones) I will be bringing a set-up for SFV to G2K Games in Johnson City. I’ll also have Xrd (Sign, but if someone brings Revelator, I do have the DLC characters) and the KoF 14 demo that just released.
They didn’t set a hard time, so I’m going to set up around 5:00pm and shoot for closing time.


I’m in Memphis and am interested in finding a group to play with.

I have small babies, so I’m mostly looking for an online group that plays between 8-11 CST and the occasional locals.

I’m currently playing SFV and trying to learn KI. I’m willing to learn just about any 2D fighter if someone is willing to teach me.


That would be 9:00pm EST, right? If so, I normally get on around that time. I play on PS4 under ViewtifulD.


If anyone in the Chattanooga area is interest we’re starting fight nights at Buffalo Wild wings in Fort Oglethorpe GA on Mondays.


If anyone can help me get in touch with Lil Majin or Gene PM me or reply to this post. thanks


Rumble on the River - 06/03/17


I created a discord for Memphis folks to communicate and organize. Please fee free to join.


Hey everyone! I live in Nashville TN and would love to find some people to play with.

I play on PC so my steam is


Middle Tennessee players. We have weekly fight nights at Game Galaxy in Smyrna on Tuesdays from 6pm-11pm. Bracket for SFV starts at 7pm. Other games are being played as well.

Address is:
3 South Lowry Street
Smyrna, TN 37167
615 751 7660

Your best bet to talk to the most people is to join this group on Facebook:
Official Middle TN Hopkick Sidestep Haus

Most of the Tennessee players are in that group in general but it a mostly Middle Tennessee geared group.

Just make a post, etc on there. The Street Fighter community has been quite large here since SF4 came out. SFV it took a dive and now it has a rebirth as of late.


We have had fight nights for the last 7+ years at Game Galaxy. Saturdays in Antioch, Tuesdays in Smyrna. Brackets for SFV are on Tuesday.

If you google Street Fighter players Middle Tennessee I would have to assume they showed up, unless you already found our gatherings and know about us by now!


Check my replies I just posted up!


Hosting a tournament in the Chattanooga Northwest Georgia area if any is interested.



It’s back up