Not bad for mugen.. (fan made mvc3)

sorry if it’s old…


OK … may i know who is the creator ?

I seriously would consider getting into Mugen if I had that… Sure, I would change a couple of things, but DAMN, that DragonClaw dude was impressive. I wish I could find a copy of that. But I got a couple of questions. First, would you be able to add more characters, and would you be able to change backgrounds, music, announcers, and the KO backgrounds and stuffs?

i actually dont know, cuz i found the link while browsing the site

thats what i found on it… port tho

dragon claw is made by reu of the mugen institute…arguably the best character made for mugen.

that Thor looks pretty fucking BEAST

this for EVO!

not tryin to diss cuz that was cool, and definitely the best mugen creation i’ve seen, but i don’t think you can call it mvc3, even from a fanmade standpoint. it doesn’t move and flow like a versus series game, more like efz/mbr. that thor was tight though.

yeah ! they need to touch up on the graphic , make it smoother … and looks edible

Oh, that slow-mo matrix shit was HOT. The letterbox at the end of the super was even HOTTER. I like it.

That was hotness…if Thor was in MvC2 he’d be that beastly.

They need to make it downloadable, like Ctrl-Alt-Del.

That was freakin awesome. Holey moley.

Nice Shiznit!!!

Can someone get this cat a Marvel lisence:sweat:

Is this that El Salvador thing I kept on hearing about? Dosen’t look like Marvel, but it’s tight.


yeah, dragon claw rocks, but he is a PAIN to fight against, this guy beasts on me all the damn time, Reu made his A.I hard as hell, thor isnt too hard to beast on, but if you can master Dragon claw’s chain combos, heh…MOST FUN EVER!!!

That is amazing!! I am truly in awe at the sprites someone made. Imagine if it wasn’t just for fun, but as a job. We’d have our CvS3, MvC3 and a host of new ones. Amazing!!:clap:

wow that was shitty:tdown:

:lol:@ Thors supers…They lasted A LONG TIME.