"Not bad, we should do this again sometime." --- Chun Training Thread (Ver 2.0)



Windows Live/Steam: Cinthix
Location: US, California
Availability: Past 11 PM PST time
Alts: Sakura
Youtube Channel: N/A
Goal: To better learn Chun Li’s combo’s and how to execute them in live fights instead of just the training room.


PSN: majinvegeta18
Windows Live:n/a
Location: Ontario, Canada
Availability: whever, although I dont have a ps3 mic, but if you would like to contact me on skype and voice chat through there or just regular chat, i can through there
Alts: none, thinking of picking up ken or yun eventually.
Youtube Channel: N/A
Goal: I am a beginner player, i can win most match ups against the hardest difficulty of AI but i get completely destroyed whenever i play with people online and people i know who play the game regularly. Just looking to improve my game and give some of these guys a fight, I really only know basic chun li stuff.


XBL: BaoSekNoodle (Not Gold Atm)
PSN: SoChewyy (Primary means of playing online)
Windows Live: N/A
Location: East Coast
Availability: 7PM-Late (GMT -5)
Alts: E.Ryu/Guy/Guile
Twitch.TV Channel : Twitch.tv/SoChewyy/Old
Goal: Improve on zoning, footsies and overall play… I need help o.o


PSN: Use to but not anymore
Windows Live: DemonKingDamian
Location: Brownstown. Michigan
Availability: usually from 10pm to whenever
Alts: Cody and messing around with Evil Ryu
Goal: I love to play Chun for her kicks and combos she can just pull out but i need to work on the basics. Also looking for friends to play online with :smiley:


Re-posting as I recently cleared my PSN friends list as many of my friends hadn’t logged in for over a year. I’m still interested in improving at SSFIVAE, so please add me if you’d like (or re-add me if you noticed I disappeared from your PSN friends list)!


XBL: n/a
PSN: Metticus
Windows Live: n/a
Location: W.Texas.
Availability: 5pm mountain time.
Alts: Cammy, Ryu(but never use him).
Youtube Channel: n/a
Goal: To have fun


PSN fatalfury4u
xbox ghostjive
Alt. Fei-long


I never thought AA would be so important in advancing

new zealand tours


im not sure where to post this at but im lookin for help on learning chun li, hoping somebody on xbox with a mic can take me to online training and show me m GT is ImMadRachett


XBL: Magiteku
PSN: Reviticus (Currently active on this one)
Windows Live: N/A
Location: Canada, Toronto
Availability: Anytime - Mostly at night (EST)
Alts: Dudley, Boxer, Ryu, Sakura
Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/albedoSRK
Goal: Back from a long SF slumber. Trying to train myself back up to tourny level one last time. Please add me and let me know you’re from SRK. Thanks!


XBL: yokoh0
Location: dallas, texas
Availability: Anytime
Alts: makoto, viper
Youtube Channel: n/a
goal: I have been wanting to get to tourney level with chun for a very long time and would like to spar and learn whatever I can with her especially match - ups , to go up the ranks online and offline,and most importantly to have fun with it. haven’t played in a while but I could def use some teaching buddies :smiley: thanks


XBL: DanTheTimid (Not Gold Atm)
PSN: DanTheTimid (Not Active)
Steam: DanTheTimid
Location: West Coast
Availability: 5PM-10:00PM PST monday through thursday, more flexible friday nights or weekends
Alts: Dictator (rusty but playable), Cammy (been over a year since last used her so don’t expect much)
Twitch.TV Channel : Don’t stream enough to warrant mention
Youtube Channel: I have one to post videos to, but don’t do it enough to mention
Goal: I’m new to Chun-li (picked her up a month ago), and eager to learn, so anything and everything I can learn from players who’ve been playing her much longer then me would be amazing.


XBL: IAmGodot
Location: Dallas, Texas
Availability: most always Saturday, Friday night, Sunday before 6 pm
Alts: Gouken
Goal: Valmaster has inspired me to be great with Chun. I want to learn her and excel as a notable texas Chun Gouken player.


Steam - Froztey
XBL - Froztey (Dead account)
PSN - daFRZT (PS4)
Availability - Most weekday nights, UK time so Europe players only due to lag issues.
Alts - Cody, Balrog, DeeJay, Evil Ryu, Sagat, Dudley, Yun, Rolento, Abel
Goal - Master the basics. Not particularly looking for advanced tech, just to train neutral/footsies/punishes. After a solid base for the character has been built move onto learning O/S and character specific tech.

Mainly looking for Steam coaching through chats and such to answer general queries. Playtime VS. a solid Chun would also be great.


Anyone on PS4 fancy some sparring and showing a scrub the ropes?

XBL: SuburbanMonkey (but I my 360 is packed away now).
PSN: ImBarryScot (yes, with one ‘t’ because I couldn’t spell and now I can’t change it).
Steam: ImBarryScott (but I rarely play on PC).
Location: UK
Availability: Most evenings. Little time at weekends due to daddy duty.

The only issue with me for PS4 is that I’m using the Hori RAP4 and it doesn’t have a headphone jack for chat. I’m hoping that I can just switch on a pad and plug into that but I haven’t tried it yet.


Redneon, If you have it on steam I can play with you. Although I’m in the USA I get good connections outside the states just depends where…I’m looking at you Brazil!!!


I can play you on PS4 I’m UK and I used to be not awful at the game although I haven’t play it a lot at all in the last year… Same goes for anyone else:

PS4: TGH_HarleyQuinn
Location: Uk
Time: Message me and I’ll see what I can do (on PS4 I’ll get it through the App).

I up for playing anyone, although like I said I’m probably not as good as I used to be and most OG people here will know me and hopefully back up the fact I can play so anyone needing help, games or offering help feel free to add (I am on 360 as well - PM me for that I have 2 accounts neither of which I uses since Destiny came out :frowning: )


PSN: ST(zero)NEB(zero)NE__(two underscores) : ST0NEB0NE__
Windows Live: N/A
Location: Norcal, SF, CA
Availability: Any time after 4pm PST most days.
Alts: M.Bison, Poison, TINY bit of E.Ryu
Goal: Improve on overall gameplay, and mirror matchup knowledge. Also tips on implementing OS’s/Frame Traps(in general, not just chun.)


If you’re San Francisco, send a message to these guys, they might be able to hook you up with SF :3


They also hold the Churning the Butter mini tourney every Thursday nights, though I think it’s at a 21-and-up bar.


XBL: Onika Maraj 08
Location: Toronto, ON
Availability: varies, but I’m on frequently
Goal: improve overall game with chun, especially punishes and links. Willing to grind it out with anyone, especially those who will provide constructive criticism. Feel free to add me!