Not connecting after super jump?

After helm breaker into L,trick. Can’t seem to connect my SJ into M,M,H,S. Any help?

I have the same problem sometimes it wont try after trick when u superjump press M at the same time most of the time it will connect

yea it seems that I can connect in the corner with L,M,H, but I’ve seen yipes do it midscreen. You superjump right away, or do you delay it just a little?

The problem is that helmet breaker is a hard knockdown, which means sj.M will never hit no matter how good you are :stuck_out_tongue:

But if you meant rising sun, then you have to time the sj just right. Too early and it won’t come out, too late and you won’t be able to connect. I’ve tried hitting down up down up quickly after doing trick and seems to work most of the time. I’ve also only been doing MHS after the sj. Maybe try that too?

Oh, I saw the thread title and misunderstood. It sounds like you’re having a different problem than I am.

What I’ve been experiencing online is sometimes when I press L M H S, shortly after I superjump the game freezes and says “Connection to player has been lost.”

I was having this problem in vanilla MVC3 as well so I’m surprised that Capcom didn’t fix it.

This has helped me greatly with the same problem that the original poster was having. =D Thanks

You do the superjump as soon as you land, but it’s not the timing of the superjump that’s important, it’s the first M attack, you need to make sure that you hit M as soon as you super jump, what I do is just press up and M at the same time and it will connect.

I can do this just fine offline, but I was wondering if anyone can land this consistently online? I think I am going to have to go for an easier combo since I am pretty much an online only player

Well, I haven’t managed to finish the combo yet because I’m not super intuitive with combos construction, but I do ground chain air chain, OTG with Skrull, but in order to stop the wallbounce I dash forward and do lunar phase xx summoned swords then the normal shenanigans. I dunno if all OTG assists will allow for this combo to work, but I assume any slightly high bouncing ones would…