Not enough buttons to assign


Hi, i just bought AE for 360 yesterday and tried playing it whit my bro, and so when we tried to assign the buttons we saw there werent enough buttons on the pad for all the moves, see:

LB —> LP
X ----> MP
Y ----> HP
RB —> LK
A -----> MK
B ----> HK
LT -----> 3P
RT -----> 3K

so now my question is: with all the buttons used, how do i assign the Throw command to a button ?

pleas help


You don’t. You press lp and lk together to throw like everyone else.


LP + LK = throw
MP + MK = focus attack
HP + HK = taunt
LP + MP + HP = 3P
LK + MK + HK = 3K


so it cant be helped then… alright thanks


I do focus and grabs by myself, I button the 3x moves top left and heavy in top right.


just push LP+LK. You won’t be able to macro in an arcade or tournament.


lmao, ah jeez. Someone didn’t read the instruction manual.

but its LP+LK.


u can for ultras i think


I was under the impression that you can assign Throw/Focus/Taunt/PPP/KKK, but you just can’t use macros that perform the special attack with the press of a button.


Yeah, you can use the bindings that come with the game, integral for tekken. Generally people put the lights and mediums on the face buttons so you an easily use the useful dual command moves.