Not everything needs to be patched. a.k.a. It's MAHVEL BABY!


This is really just a rant more than anything… I don’t expect a lot of people to actually read through this, and there’s absolutely nothing here that’s new.

It’s basically just a list of glitches that occur in fighting games that have become staples…

There’s really no meat, but it’s something for myself to refer to when people complain about MvC3 to be broken… which I have a feeling will be happening a lot more…

First of all, without video game glitches there WOULD BE NO MvC3 AT ALL at least not how we know it, and certainly without the magic series and air combos… and fighting games as we know it would be completely different than what we picture right now.

Secondly, glitches have become staples of many games… not as the developers intended, but however remained in future iterations of the games…

Why would MvC3 be nothing like how we know it? It’s simple, combos were originally a gitch. That’s right, nobody did combos when World Warrior came out, (well, rapidfire jabs or whatnot, but that’s different) it was discovered and it was due to a bug. The fully fleged CPS-1 chain.

Dhalsim could also be juggled during a part of his air recovery, certainly something that wasn’t intended…

These “bugs” became something implemented in the game. Future games would give more ways to combo and even a combo counter.

What else? Well, in Super Turbo, Claw has a stored flip kick, E honda can walk forward and super (charge move) he can also store his ochio throw (hold back and mash/piano punches and hope for a reversal ochio) which can be looped in the corner. Chun li can walk forward super (charge move, and 80% damage when juggled with upkicks you land it).

These were never banned from the game, infact, in many cases these glitches were crucial to the character’s game play. So crucial that in Anniversary edition, they fixed the bugs, (so they knew they were there) but allowed the option to choose the characters with the glitches intact. Also, in HDR, Chun and Honda retained their stored supers with no option to play as the “fixed” version of these characters.

Alright, lets step away from Street Fighter 2, and go into the Alpha series…

Anyone ever heard of something called the Valle CC? Oh, those of you who started from SF4 don’t know? Well, let me enlighten you. Essentially it was a glitch which caused a Custom combo to become unblockable if it’s activated within sweep range when an opponent is standing. and man, Custom combos were EASY to do in that game for big damage!

Alex valle Saved that trick for B3 finals against John choi IIRC (Tried looking for that Youtube video, couldn’t find it… maybe it’s been removed…? someone please link if they have it)

What did John Choi do? He learned to deal with it, he caught on very quickly, in fact, he ended up using the valle CC against the man himself. I don’t play Alpha 3 but I think there are jump cancel infinites in V-ism? and infinite? in alpha 3? which is not nearly as crazy and over the top as marvel? and not banned in tournaments? Believe it.

Also believe it or not, even in oldschool street fighter 2 games, your execution never had to be perfect, that’s why there’s negative edge, and empty cancelling… and what happened when a new throw system was added in Street fighter 3 and interacted with this in a way developers didn’t expect…? Kara throws! Allowing you to extend the range of your throws. Surprise Surprise they stll exist. IN STREET FIGHTER 4 none the less. Even though hugo players could do a half screen 360 in third strike.

Now, I’m definitely not OG, even though my main game is Super Turbo. But I’m pretty sure the only glitches that are banned in tournaments are the ones that prevent the game from being playable… eg. Guile’s handcuffs, Gambit’s DP flying off screen, or glitches that reset the machine.

Yes, I avoided things like magic throw and magic 360. Since they were removed from later games (not that they were broken, but I believe they were probably removed just because they didn’t “look” right.) I think these glitches would have remained if they didn’t “look” so out of place in game play

And I don’t know much about roll canceling, and that’s pretty controversial… But I would like to say that CvS to continued to have high level play revolving around roll canceling (read: not banned), and that certainly is a staple of the game…

Not everything needs to be patched. Let the game develop. Let these strategies run wild. let counters to counters develop. That should be the bare minimum that’s required before screaming patch at every glitch that’s found in the game. Marvel Vs Capcom 2 was filled with glitches, and Bugs, and crazyness. That’s what people expected from Marvel vs Capcom 3. We have an army of MvC2 players working to break the game, and Trust me, they WILL break the game. It’s what’s expected by both the developers and the majority of players from before SF4.

By the way I’ve heard people referring to Seth saying that there will be a post EVO patch… I remember that interview quite differently, I believe he said that there wouldn’t be a patch until at LEAST post Evo. Assuming there will be one, they “Know what they’ve created” and want to let the game run wild…

So break away. and enjoy the damn game for what it is, and what it was expected to be. A crazy, fastpaced, “broken” game.

Broken meaning good. Not broken meaning it should be banned… Just like the CPS1 chains, Valle CCs, and Walk-forward charge supers… (which by the way were essentially one button activated and totally mash-able… much more than DPs are…)


Again, I’ll bring up the fact that no one wanted MvC3 to be this cornucopia of ‘randomly awesome broken shit’. No one said:

“Man I want a character that can fly off the top of the screen where no one else in the game can reach!”

“Shit I want a character that can combo the same super 4 times in a row!”

“I hope my character has a 2 frame low and six ways to mix up from the start of the round!”

We wanted a game where everyone has the options to do what the player wants them to do, and to give them the ability to win with it. Not bringing back Sent and somehow making him DUMBER or a character like Dark Phoenix.

I’m kinda against the idea that this game, a 3 v 3 game, has anchors at this point. Kinda. It works for the game, I’m just being grumpy.



and this is on FGD because?


bullshit. there were a lot of people asking for Cable or Sent with HSF loop intact. And people didn’t bat an eye when E3 Chris could link grenade launcher into itself, and don’t seem bothered now by Arthur’s bracelet loops.

This. Should be in the MvC3 forum… in the GD thread.


actually when the game was first announced the very first thing i said was “i hope cable’s in it”


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Only thing I’d really want patched in the game is X-Factor. And by patched I mean removed.


Too long, didn’t read.


Thank you for your wonderful, enlightening, and insightful contribution to the topic. </sarcasm>


The same can easily be said about the op.


At the very least I had content, if not insightful or original…


The thing is you contradict yourself, OP, because all the things you are talking about are not broken. If something is truly ‘broken’ then the game becomes competitively redundant and unplayable at any kind of serious level. Things like roll cancelling, CPS chain, cross ups karathrows etc may have been unintentional by products of programming, but they didnt break anything gameplay-wise.

If something is broken it should be patched, changed or removed whenever possible. Is there anything ‘broken’ in MVC3? I’m not sure that there is anything major, although the glitches and infinites Desk has shown would probably best be removed, and I think most people would agree that altering X factor properties and damage levels would probably be for the best.


nothing new in there (even though op stated this, seriously why make this thread?)

all i ahve to say is that if you dont think magic throw was a bannable offense then you arent thinking correctly. it was completely unstoppable from almost 1/2 screen away and guile could achieve that position easily against the entire cast of WW. plus it looped into itself…



I never said they were broken. In fact I agree with you completely, except for X-factor, In fact. I love how it is right now… to me it feels slightly strong, but… it’s not horrible. I don’t think I contradicted myself at all. Maybe it’s cuz I didn’t look over the superbly long post and had some gramatical errors or something. I’ll do that later… 1:30 am is not a good time for looking over long texts…

I never said Magic throw was bannable. I said that it wasn’t broken and I believe it was realy just removed due to it not “looking” right in the engine. I also said it is played and delt with in play.

I’m saying these things AREN"T broken people. and they it should NOT be patched/banned…

the title is “NOT everything needs to be patched” (I don’t know how much more I can emphesize it this time)… not “This shit is broken as hell and MvC3 is a horrible game.”

The reason I made this post? Everyone’s complaining, patch this, patch that. The game is horrible… and yesterday I sat down, and listed all the glitches I could think of that don’t degrade the game or make it better. And put it here so I have easy access to rebut against people who think things like the DHC trick should be patched.

It’s nothing new, but it’s my opinion, with examples from previous games to draw from, and my commentary on them. The information is old, but the opinion --my opinion and me wanting to discuss this in one place rather than over various flaming places over the forums is what warrants a/the post.


Every time Desk finds a new infinite, I think to myself “why don’t we have more of these.” And I shed a tear every time I remember that Ammy’s :uf::l::h::h::h: only works for two loops against Sent before proration kills it.


So in short, you don’t have a full understanding of these concepts and decided to try and feel important


What the hell are you talking about? Stop trolling. Unless you have something to say that actually agrees or disagrees with what I said. Don’t just stating that you don’t like the fact that this post exists. I already explained and justified why I made this post and if you can’t understand that, or even post an argument that relates to my justification, then you don’t have to waste your time being here. Since this thread is pointless to you, stop wasting your time.


Your name is Unessential and so is this thread harharharharhar



thanks to desk I have seen numerous teams of zero akuma captain america… I shit you not… once that zero glitch video hit I literally played 3 in a row ranked where they sat back untill an assist was called.

I dont care about the infinites cause lets face is where would marvel be without them, but get rid of the zero glitch and shit like it.


He was using broken in the sense of how newcomers say “broken” meaning something unintentional and seeming “too good”.

The only broken thing so far is Zero’s glitch and maybe Haggar DHC Spencer glitch to get them caught into the floor depending how you view it.

Infinites are fine, leave them be. Props to anyone who will be able to do them consistently outside of training mode.