Not exactly a noob but i feel like this is where it should go


Im at least above average at ssf4. plinking,fdac,1 frames all come natural to me. My main issue is that i keep getting grabbed i crouch tech in sync with the blockstring and i still get grabbed. is there a proper way to prevent this?!

and also if im getting dp’d by 5 frame dp’s (adon) when i jump in and it prevents me from starting a blockstring does that mean that i am not hitting my normal deep enough!? those two small tweaks would up my game 10 fold.

(i main balrog and bison)


Tech late, not in sync. Hard to explain, but sometimes you don’t even need to know their blockstrings. Just watch for them to get up to throw and then tech when they get close. This requires practice, and can obviously also be beaten.

Means that you’re not getting enough frame advantage off the jump in to follow up with that particular move. That could be because you’re not hitting deep enough, or you’re using the wrong jump in or wrong followup (or all 3). Use training mode to figure out which jumpins and follow ups are safe from reversals.

In any case, if your opponent is DP’ing after a jump in, block and punish. SFIV is peculiar in that you have to master how to delay attacks for 1-2 frames before following up in order to punish reversals.


thanx bro that does somewhat clarify it for me!


Late teching is like watching the for the little things. Like mentioned, watch for them to stand up. I if you see that, then hit tech when they get lose. Don’t just mash option select throw. A good way to get used to watching for the little things in match ups is to play against bisons. Only his light scissors are safe on block, but all other versions can get punished. Since you play bison, you should know how the subtle the difference is when they are thrown out in a block string, but you can still tell a difference. My suggestions is get a buddy and have him throw out random versions of the scissors, and then you punish accordingly if you can. Doing so really helped me stay aware of the little things my opponent is doing which has helped my footsies, my couch teching, and my punishing options.


i dont think in most circumstances balrog can jump in on adon, while his srk is 5 frames he gets up faster than other characters

i would imagine the same for bison since his jump is even floatier