Not fan art art (experiment)

i really need to work on NOT trying to be so tight , and keeping stuff loose, so this was just an excersize, but i rather enjoy the outcome. Kinda looks like a zombie.

oh also…i did this on reg comp paper (i know i know…BAD) but i REALLY like the way the paint moves and doesn’t absord right away. also the paper doesn’t get mushy at all, but it buckles.

whats the best surface to get this same effect? cold press? i have water color paper, but i HATE the grain…any suggestions?

feedback/ suggestions?

WOW!.. I love it!.. Zombie-like though it’s semi-abstract, it’s undescribable!!!

I normally hate anything that even resembles abstract art, but this is awesome :cool:

Cosign because I feel the same. I’ve always been a big detail freak (peep my thread to see what I mean) but that zombie pic was too damn good. By all means keep it up Liquid.


great stuff liquid shadows. i havent seen too many people paint on this forum. i really like how the water color interacts in this painting. but i must ask, were you planning on doing a zombie from the beginning or did you like turn it into a zombie afterwards? cuz sometimes, things dont go as you plan and you have to improvise, if you know what i mean. <wink>

thanks everyone!

no it wasn’t intended on being a zombie. i was just sort of sketching w/ watercolor, because i usually try to keep everything really tight, and i just kind of ended up w/ this.