Not gonna leave my room until I become Cosmic Lord. Tips?

So, I had a pretty good talk last night about preparing myself physically for endurance gaming. I like the look and sound of the colostomy bag, but other people swear by a combination of diapers and - occasionally - a catheter, but only if it has a condom tip so as to not be forced to put a tube down where the sun doesn’t shine.

Any tips on colostomy bag handling, sourcing supplies, or any fun things you can do while colostomy gaming? I’m gearing up for a pretty serious session of Marvel 3. and having to leave to use the toilet is not an option.

So, what should I do?

Kill yourself

Get a life

Don’t be an idiot.

Having a life is overrated.
All you do is go to barely lit rooms and get drunk and then end up getting AIDS or some random chick pregnant
Fighting games are my life