Not happy with the SF4 Fightstick TE

Do i have to replace my joystick or do i just suck with arcade sticks?Iam having no problems using the xbox360 controller with the dpad.

If it just the joystick, is there a site that does fightstick mods for a decent price?

You suck with arcade sticks.

(I’m assuming you’ve never used one before? A Japanese one.)

If you have the madcatz TE, it comes with a jlf stock. The only reason you should need to replace the stick is if you wanted a LS stick. So i guess you need to practice alot on the TE. Takes some time to make the transition to stick. You cant master it over night.

edit- oh oh, i think you offended markman very deeply. j/k

Dear God. Why is it so difficult for people to understand that it takes time to make the switch from pad to stick? I can’t count how many threads there have been like this. Just keep practicing with the stick. The TE has full Sanwa parts. You really don’t need to mod it. Just practice and don’t be a pessimist.

If you have to ask, you suck with arcade sticks.

As someone who plays well with both pads and sticks, I fee that arcade stick is superior. Moving from pad to stick requires re-learning. I had to do the opposite when Street Fighter II came out on Super Nintendo.

It is like learning to eat with chopsticks if you only used western utensils. Chopsticks are suited for certain foods, while spoons and forks are for others. Fighting arcade sticks are for certain Acade games while pads work for other things.

oh another thing my nob on my stick is loose is it supposed to be loose?

Man, that was back in the day! But im pretty sure its alot easier coming from stick trying to learn pad. Stick involves alot more movement in the wrist. Where controller is all about thumb movement. It wouldve been best if we all learned on joystick first. But at this day and age. That will never happen.

You really are new to sticks, aren’t you?

That’s the actuator. It isn’t locked in place.

Slob on this knob, like corn on the cob… j/k sorry
YOu mean the balltop? If its loose, open up the stick and put a flathead screw driver in the slot under the Stick it self. Then turn the screwdriver clockwise while firmly holding the balltop.

hisname- are you talking about the dust washer or the black actuator thats secured on the shaft of the jlf?

The stick is supposed to spin freely but the balltop should not be screwing off the shaft. The stick is loose since this game requires a delicate touch at times.

Just remember it’s like learning chopsticks for chinese food.

I used to play Guile, and getting j.Fierce, s.Fierce, xx Flashkick was a pain, but then everybody always used a different button config so switching it every match was a pain in the ass. We decided you have to loose twice to get kicked off back then.

haha, that scenario with the button configs sounds sooo familiar. Me and my friends had the same problem back in the day.

Chalk one more up for learn how to play with a joystick. It took less than a half hour for 6 people to agree. Turn the difficulty down and learn what you’re doing. Once you realize how stupid this question was, you might want to try an octo gate.

Just keep practicing man you won’t regret it. I actually just had a cousin convert to joystick and at first he wasnt even using it because he so frustrated, but now he loves it.

Ah yes, the seminal “how to use a stick question.” Don’t worry, everyone has a hard time using a stick when they first get one. Let me give you some advice.

If you have a job, quit. If you are in school, dropout. If you have a significant other, break up with them. Cut all ties from your family. Sell all of your worldly goods, except of course, your arcade stick.

This will give you some cash in hand and a lot of spare time. Use this money and time to set up a business. I recommend a traveling sock puppet play. You can entertain small children and recovering drug addicts at their local gatherings. You’ll find this experience very rewarding and interesting.

Sock puppets are very easy to make. All you do is put eyes on a sock. Some people like to add hats and tongues and the like. That’s cool too. Be creative! When you’re learning, don’t be too concerned about sticking to the cliches. It’s totally acceptable to put a baret on a sock and name it Pierre when you are first starting off, for instance.

Be sure to use a wide range of colors for the sock puppets. If they are all old sports socks, your audience will have a hard time relating to your socks. I recommend a Beijing Opera-esque color scheme where certain colors are used to represent certain roles. Just avoid black; you should be dressed in all black in order to blend into the background. Remember, the sock puppets are the actors, not you.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “that’s all well and good, but what should the plays be about?” Don’t worry, it’s easier than you think. Start off with a simple morality play or perhaps something with a Shakespearean influence. Stick to the classics, then stick googly eyes on the classics, as the saying goes.

Where are you from? Traveling sock puppet shows are especially popular on the East Coast, and of course Utah. Consider relocating if there is a lack of interest in your area.

Speaking of Utah, if anyone in the industry gives you that spiel about needing to be Mormon to break into the sock puppet scene, well, that’s just a line of baloney. Don’t let that get you down, sport. Although many of the most famous grand master puppeteers are indeed Mormon, there is still plenty of room in the industry for people of other faiths.

After a few months of traveling around in the sock puppet scene, pick your old arcade stick back up again. You’ll probably find that your execution has increased immensely. If not, consider going back on the road again.

Alternatively, you can just go to training mode and practice, but that would be crazy, right?

Hell. No.

I’d rather take that risk and make my puppets to entertain crackheads instead.

Maybe it was too subtle. The point was that once you understand the greatness of the square gate you can fully grasp the suckiness of the octo gate. If he tries it now he might like it, and that could cause long term mental damage.

i was going to make a similar thread about being a noob about a stick with one particular question, but decided to post it here.

I just got my se mad catz with all sanwa parts, and absolutely love it.
i can do dp motions really good compared to pad, and also have a better executing moves.
The only problem i’m having is doing qcf.
It’s weird, i can pull off qcb really easily, but it’s that motion of moving the stick right that is killing me.
i’ve gone in to practice mode and have spent tons of hours, but it sometimes feels like i’m doing worse.
I really don’t want to get an octogate (for the fact that square gates seem to be the norm in the cabinets and with everyone else).
anyone have any tips for this random ass problem?

2009 - The Year of the Scrub. Yes, I realize the irony.

I thought the tech thread wasn’t for technique discussion or is this “technically” (get it?!!) a tech discussion because the OP complained about how it “might” be his stick over him not putting the time in to practice?