Not important

So, wondering if this place is really a no-go; figured I’ll try a thread and see if I get any replies. Post up if you play fighting games and live in Jamaica. See if we can get a community going.

st.kitts here

Well my parents are from Jamaica but I’m from the U.S, but Jamaica is a beautiful place and the food is hella fantastic!

Thanks for the heads up view619, last time I checked for a thread like this was quite some months back, nice to see there’s one now. There’s another Jamaican guy I saw on here recently who also plays, gonna let him know about this thread too.

Cool, which parish are you in/from? There’s a small group around St. Andrew that plays on and off.

yo i’m here lets get the ball moving

…David, is that you? -_-


Anyways, yeah I’m in Kingston. Usually my sessions with my friends are general games sessions, so they don’t really focus too much on fighting games, but we have a great time with them regardless. Me and one other guy actually follow the FGC and streams and such, but he doesn’t really care for getting into the competitive side himself.

yes it is me timothy lol

anyways i hear nothings going down tonight?

planche you should come out to our session, its only fighting games

May show up, though I would have to go home first. If I end up showing, it will be around 8.

Don’t think I’ll be able to make it this evening, next week should be good though. Where do you guys have your sessions?

Atm, not certain. I’m going on a long hiatus with fighting games. Hit my threshold now. Cross may have something planned up for next week, idk.

I figure we could link @ Adam’s house anyways, but the problem is the ride if you aint showing up. If Adam says we can’t, then idk, guess the weekly link ups are over for now.

And why the break? Wassup?

Can’t bother playing when I don’t see where the growth is/where any of it’s going. Burning out over it, so gonna stop playing (may be for good, idk yet).

Ehhhh trust me I know how frustrated you feel, I really do.

Do your thing still, but we should still chill otherwise.

Yeah, will do.