Not looking for this anymore, thread can be closed

I can’t get these from any retailers without shipping bumping the price up to an ungodly amount just for two small parts. Local meet ups would be optimal, but I’m willing to pay to have it shipped with the cost being kept to a minimum if at all possible.

i have these, but im in texas. i’d be willing to do a trade if you have sanwa smoke shaft covers+dust cover

Damn, sorry, I don’t have a smoke :frowning:

I believe I have this. It’s leftover from a Qanba Q1 I modded and gave to my brother. Pics here ( Would you be down for a trade/trade+cash of some sort? Need a set of 8 Sanwa buttons for cheap. It would have to be shipped btw as I live in Washington state. Almost close to Canada! Just on the opposite coast. xP

I forgot I made this thread lol.
Sorry, not looking for this anymore

Ahhh my bad. xP