Not many "low end" Fei Players?



Been putting serious effort into SSIV for the last few weeks, even though it has been sitting on my shelf for like over a year, and decided to main Fei. I do ok with him, I am a C rank with like 2100 BP so far. One think I have noticed, is that there are hardly any other Fei’s online, I think in the 300+ matches I have so far, I have only fought 2 others. The rest have been the obligatory 75% Ryu, 20% ken, and 5% of actually different characters. Is he a more widely used character in the higher ranks? Do the low end player dislike him because he cant shoot fireballs?

Whats your guy’s experience?


Why pick Rekka’s over bright fiery shoryukens and had0kenz??


well, I’m a fei player and only fei right now, I’m still working on learning how to play sf, but online I really haven’t seen anyone play fei, you think that there would be more but there really isn’t well considering that I’m playing at a lower lvl than most people, well it’s not like fei is that easy of a character to pick up, plus what I hear most of the times is people have issues doing rekkas, well consistently.


Fei is not that flashy and his reversal is 5 frames.<br>


But hey. If you see me online in win like 80% of my matches with my normals and punishing things with Rekka. 


Sounds like ppl are making excuses. Doing rekkas consistently isn’t a factor. You are joining sf at a time only hardcore players remain so you won’t see many low level players in general anymore. Check the video thread here, some forum guys are solid/very good fei’s.

Don’t look for feis on your level, look for feis above you if you want to improve bud.


I started using fie almost a week ago not very gud with him well i searched psn replay channel every region found only 2-3 replays of fie :frowning:


Fei has a niche audience. He’s a great char, but he’s not the easiest to use. But if you wanna play sometime, send an invite. Or just watch the matches of people on this forum.


I believe the reason there are barely any low-ranked fei players is because fei is possibly the worst noob character ever made in SF. That’s one of the reasons I love him so much. Noobs with fei will play absolutely horribly. As their skill increases, they will still often get beat by other characters who are obviously still noobs. Those who solely care about winning will drop fei. Those who truly admire fei’s playstyle will not stay noobs and will show fei’s true strength.


Everyone starts from somewhere. It’s their job (and this forum’s) to make sure they don’t stay there.


I don’t know exactly what you mean by job. Do you mean obligation? There are absolutely no obligations for the gamer when it comes to game. They can do as they like. I do agree however that forum posters should strive towards the obligation of helping others on the forum.


same here. i have 200 hrs clocked in the pc version and i have only encountered like 3-4 fei-longs


Job, obligation, it’s interchangeable. You get as good as the time you put into something. Everyone on here should play their part to improve ppl looking to improve.


I absolutely suck with him, but I prefer to play Fei Long when I play Street Fighter :slight_smile:


Define “suck”. If you want to get better with him, what are you having problems with?


I’ve noticed it too. You’d think a character fabled to be one of the best would attract a lot of aspiring pros even if the casual swaglodytes shy away.


@ OP - those number will go down even more in USF4 :slight_smile:




he’ll be fine, check the changes at eventhubs.


Hmm, unless they changed that clk chaining issue, not fine. I don’t think some people understand what that really means, especially if they have not played a character that has non chained clk’s. If they don’t change that for the final version, be prepared to see a lot of people complaining about loss of hit confirm, being reversaled a lot more, pressure combos being different/not viable anymore, and simply being out-poked at close range. I know it’s hard to imagine with Fei Long, but if they don’t revise the chaining issue, it’s going to be the case.