Not much of a problem with Kitana... but I use many many small kombos. Any advice on larger Kombos?


I main Nightwolf and Kitana… i have severl 40-50% Kombo strings with nightwolf. But when I play with Kitana my strategy is just to do 3 hit Kombos but do a lot of them very quickly. It works for the first few matches but then people start blocking in the middle. I want one or two good Kombo strings to mix in occasionally to confuse them. I’ve got one that incorporates ex fan throw canceled into fan lift ground bounce into BnB kombo into EX fan attack. It’s about 35%. And I know they aren’t the correct names for the moves but I hope that made sense. I want to start tagging with Nightwolf and Kitana before I start mastering other characters.


Dunno why you didn’t just post this in the Kitana character forum though…