Not quite getting the jist of air throws


Been playing with a friend of mine for awhile and when he wins it’s usually off of an air throw. Now I get the jist of throws in this game. I mean holding forward & back plus H isn’t a hard concept to grasp but why can’t I get it? How close to the opponent do you actually have to be? Every time I attempt one I usually wait until our characters are touching and I hit H, yet somehow it’s almost always him getting the grab OR I throw out a H attack in mid air. I get air throws and throws in general are a majorly important part of this game so I’d really appreciate if someone could shed a bit of light on this for a noob.


haha just realized I spelled gist wrong. sorry!


in this game, throws are 1 frame and have no startup / whiff animations. but you have, i believe, 7 or so frames to tech them after it connects.

different characters have slightly different ranges to their throws. so either your friend has a character with better range than you, or you’re just reacting too it too late, or going for it too early.

best way to get the hang (or “jist”) of it is go into training mode record the dummy to jump around, throwing out random attacks, maybe a few forward / back + H. then set the playback to repeat, and start snatching them


That’s some good advice thanks. I completely forgot this game had that playback feature. Should come in handy a lot.


I think option select comes into play a lot in this game. Not all the time, but I’d bet a substantial amount of air throws in that happen are just the result of a player trying to attack with H in mid-air.

Have a couple of friends i play with off-line. They never take their game seriously so its easy to run a train over them but, damn they can air-throw. Their skills are too substandard for it to be intentional, they’re just mashing H a lot and it happens.

“Dude i’m just good at throwing”

No you’re not lol.


I have a friend that plays Task and says the same thing… I just laugh at his face.


Sometimes its just about spacing yourself to not get thrown in the first place rather than trying to tech throws or throw someone. If you can scout a throw, thats sick but against my Dr. Doom for example, I literally just camp a corner and SJ Photon shots, which usually leads to people trying to SJ up to me and try and swat me out of the air with a high priority move, which normally is an ok idea ( aside from the fact that they will eat a foot dive or photon shots ), but high priority moves have a decent amount of start up, or theres some kind of pattern before them which makes them SUPER easy to air throw

But, if you space yourself properly and don’t just jump into throw range, its pretty impossible to air throw,sometimes you can just bait air throws by jumping into range and double jumping out and what not, you just gotta get smacked around a lot before you start mastering throws.


and in the corner, it’s a bit more difficult
:b::h: :b::h: :b::h: :b::h: :b::h: :b::h: :b::h:
you could also go for the grab mixup by jumping and grabbing which would be something like
j. :f::h:j. :f::h:j. :f::h:j. :f::h:j. :f::h:j. :f::h:j. :f::h:j. :f::h:j. :f::h:j. :f::h:j. :f::h:j. :f::h:j. :f::h:j. :f::h: