Not-related-sticks DDR pad

So it’s summer and I made a DDR pad out of wood. Thought I’d share even though this has nothing to do with sticks (uness you like to play FTGs with DDR pads…) Works fine except the buttons aren’t sensitive enough but I’ll fix that in due time.

I could stain it but I think I’ll do that on the second one I build if I bother because some of the cuts are a bit off on this one.

did you follow any tutorials?
how did you do the triggers for the steps?

do you solder onto pads that are 2 feet long?

omg think of the huge microswitches

nah, I came up with the design myself. The triggers are done completely by the flexibility of the wood itself. I have foil taped on the back of each panel and then the foil shorts out some screws that I have underneath the arrow panels (you can’t see them of course). There’s about a quarter inch gap between the top panel and the wood that’s holding the screws. It worked a bit too well unfortunately so the pads aren’t sensitive enough. I need to replace the wood washers I have with foam or something…

I was just thinking you ought to mask off arrows, and then do two-tone stain. Either light for the arrows, dark for the rest, or vice-versa. :slight_smile: Would come out looking really slick.

So far as the washers go, I thought they made spring-loaded spacers. Would be perfect for something like this with the right amount of tension.

Oooh, they have those :O. I’m all over it. Any idea where they might have them?

Did u use arcade sensors?? And are the edges creased or flat?

Grainger is your friend man. Go to their website and get a catalog. I’ll see if I can hunt down something for ya.

This one is intended for a motor cycle, but it gives you an idea as to what it looks like.

ive built ddr pads befoire… just get 2mil metal sheet and some lexan for the top for arrow artwork… then mdf for the bottom. between the metal sheet and lexan on top the screws underneeith put like 1/8inch rubber washers for the spacing… . this is similiar to the cobalt flux design that was out there…

Hows the wood working out? When I made mine way back when I opted for lexan like others did because of the flex when hitting the microswitches:

I haven’t touched my ddr pad in weeks. Don’t feel like fixing it up. i’ll do that later. After I test out my pad with spring washers, I’ll probably make another one and sell my current one for cheap because there are some misalignment issues and other crap I don’t want to deal with.

That’s a nice pad kbtoyz :).

too good