Not so EXTREME fetishes

Almost taboo.

Like you wanting to see your gf get fucked type shit.

I am in NO WAY into this kind of stuff,.but I have heard some stories of shit my (girl) coworkers have done (the girls tell me) to make their boyfriends happy.

This isn’t a shit talking thread, so if you’re gonna be a dick about something someone enjoys then this isn’t the place for you.

Although my foot fetish isn’t extreme, I do have a thing for girls with cute feet.

I have a foot fetish too…the craziest EXTREME fetish I heard was this one dude I knew who told me he likes to put coke on his girls puss and snort it off it.:rofl::rofl::rofl:

Wanting to see your girlfriend get fucked by someone else is that uncommon a fantasy. I wouldn’t even qualify it as extreme.

i know someone with a ghost fetish

edit: i’ve also always wanted to poop in a girls butthole then have her poop the poop back and forth forever
like so

Wanting to see your girlfriend get fucked by another guy isn’t a fetish, it’s called being a beta.

Im gonna keep an eye on this thread. Hopefully it isn’t full of people saying “I KNOW GUY WHO’S KNOWS A GUY WHO INTO PETRIFACTION AND RYONA. ITS NOT ME THOUGH. DONT GET TWISTED OKAY?”

Are we only going for IRL shit, or does the 2d count too.
Cause some things might be hot in drawings and such, but I would never wish them upon an actual human being

I have an extreme fetish for consensual sex in the missionary position with the lights on for the sole purpose of procreation.

Feet and stuff I wouldn’t consider “extreme” I mean, that is pretty minor.

Guro, necrophilia, scat, bukkake, hardcore S&M and the like would be extreme to me.

I guess if it’s not DAT ASS or tits on SRK then it’s bizarre extreme fetish lol.

I’m down with the S&M. That’s about it tho.

Oh I have tons. I like catgirls, giant women, muscular women, women’s underarms…

Also I want She-Hulk to beat me up and force me to have sex with her. Oh god yes. I’m a dirty boy.

I’m Japanese. So I’m hoping you guys can guess at my extreme fetishes :slight_smile:

I guess I like feet enough to consider it a fetish, though I’m moreso into the lower body in general. Butt, legs, hips, etc. There’s a lot more curves down there than most people realize and it’s a challenge, not to mention fun, to draw. I’ve never really taken my appreciation to the extremes of smelling or masochism, though.

Naked vibrator-penetration bondage go-kart racing.

I want her to sit on my face. Something tells me she would smell amazing.

But yea, facesitting is my fetish. Not sure if that’s extreme, but many people think it’s wierd and most woman don’t seem to be up for doing it. They will suck a dick though; I guess that’s not as absurd.

sounds like the next big hit!

btw. im going to hakata during febuary. you still around that area?

I saw it at a video rental store, and it starred Maria Ozawa. All I could think of at that time was “…of course it’s you.”

P.S.- Sorry to say but I’m back in the States. :frowning: Trying to go back some time next year though.

a woman can only truly satisfy me if she performs a satisfactory re-enactment of the dante/alastor cutscene (here ).

women in leather pants…

After writing this thread I thought about other things I like. A LOT. I really really like the smell of vagina on a hot summer day. Not even freshly bathed type shit, no. That nice apple sweet and yet fishy aroma… mmm.

I remember I used to think getting pissed on by a girl would be hot, til we tried it. I felt real dirty. :confused:
That’s about as far as I went. Lmao

I like everyone elses stories!! (I hope they’re all true!)

I have a thing for women with big lips…