Not so EXTREME fetishes

boot fetish.

Weirdest fetishes that I know of are m-preg and petrification (women changing into stone).

And the legendary dragons fucking cars.

Eh Foot Fetish here. That’s not extreme though.

women in work jeans

i wonder if fertility clinics would let their patients book/borrow an examination room for private attempts.

you could just tell them you’re running trials. or grinding the baby matchup. :wonder:

french kissing a woman’s ankle…

ive tugged my boa to so many different varieties of porn that nothing seems extreme to me other than scat and bestiality

actually i think that “big hits” are mostly for naked vibrator-penetration bumper cars.

Same but with Chun-Li instead.

Breast Expainsion

I loooooooooooove bein’ a pervert

It is extreme… extremely stupid.

Voyeurism and upskirts for me. You wouldn’t believe just how much “material” I have acquired from the internet. There’s also the spanking (preferably she’s getting spanked by another woman)… basically, this is the entirety of my jerk-off material I have saved on the computer. It’s really all I ever want/need to see, basically. These visuals turn me on more than any other kind…nothing else even begins to compare.

Special thanks to Jo Beth Williams for her panty scene in Poltergeist being part of the foundation for this.

You ever get head from your girl and right when you blow your load in her mouth, you pop a quick joke off to make her laugh so it comes out of her nose like milk?

Got 'em coach.

Tentacle porn is always the go-to for Japanese fetishes.

Also, foot fetish right here. Get 'em in open-toe high heels. Damnit, boi…

Dunno what it’s called but it’s the by product of my approval of anal and anal creampies:
When the female loads her ass with milk/cream and fires it out with such force it flies out. Never seen a black chick do it either. Lame. If I cared for porn, I would have a whole collection just about that.

I dunno, these days it’s evolved to something less extreme, like “naked apron” or incest. I blame it on moe anime.


Ok, Octopi in aprons…with dildos for tentacles with a “kawaii” face the entire time.

that and lactation.

and I guess armpits too, sweaty ones.

I don’t know if farting and burping count too but yea.