Not sure how to fix my arcade stick... please help


Yesterday I plugged my Street Fighter IV TE arcade stick and the stick seams to think I am pointing down with out ever touching it. I tried to press other directions but it would not help, it kept scrolling through the game options. I Restarted the PS3, and it kept doing it. I didn’t worry too much yesterday as I was expecting a silent zippy mode for my stick later in the day. After installing the mod and trying my stick today it still seemed to think I was holding down when not pressing anything. I have removed the stick itself and used it with an SE stick and it works just fine on that. Does anyone have any ideas. I tried checking the forums on SRK, but nothing that matched my problem.


Sounds like something with the connection to the pcb. I would start there


I’ve tried unplugging and and plugging it back in, but the same story.


When you say PCB do you mean the thing on the top left that has the Home and Turbo button on it? And would it be a terrible idea to take the PCB from my SE and transplant that into my TE? They are both PS3.


I can’t help you with this tech stuff but I think it would help if you posted pictures so other people can have an easier time helping you.


Take photos of the PCBs and post them here. it could be you have a loose strand of wire or solder bridging a gap and making a short.


Here is some pictures


anything more than thumbnails?


Please use a proper image hosting site like IMGur or Photobucket.


Huh? This is a common problem with older MadCatz PS3 pcb’s, mainly because they were badly constructed. I don’t think there has been a documented fix on the PS3 version but the same principle should apply:


Thanks gahrling, I’ll try that once Radio shack opens.