Not sure how widely this is known, but

In the right-hand corner, Magneto has an semi-unblockable c.hp (among other things) on some characters. Easiest way to set it up is to do ROM, ending with 3 hits instead of 2 hits after the ad if they’re too low, land, walk forward a bit, c.hp ^ (up-back) addf sj.d+lk repeat. It’ll work for sure on Mag because you can vary the timing so that it’ll hit regardless of the way they block. You should be able to do it on Storm, too, but the timing is a little trickier.

Haven’t tried on Cable, Capcom, Cyke, Sent. It’ll probably work on all of them if they block the regular way, but I don’t know what’ll happen if they block the other way. Also doesn’t work on the left side of screen (kinda like Storm’s airborne LA into the wall).

its not unblockable its a cross up, the same goes for standing fierce and standing roundhouse or standing jab. It works on every character in the game its just risky against storm because some storm players hold up and mash so they float and fall slower than everyone else and can beat out some attacks.

i remember hearing from a FFA ranbat that magnetos jumping fierce is unblockable in the same way sent’s beam is. if u do the firece just before the character comes in then it wouldnt register and he cant block it.

and same thing with the

anyone hear of this ?

It can be a crossup, but as I said, you can make it so that it hits no matter which way they block. Isn’t that by definition unblockable?

Never heard of it.

if they guess wrong they can get hit, if they guess right they block. theres no guessing on sentinels unblockable it just is. Sent and doom iirc have the only true unblockables in the game.

Actually, Mag’s S.hp is Unblockable if you hit it right on the back of Sentinel’s Sprite(i know that sounds agian like another cross up, but Magnetro himself has has done it, and proved it.)

Every other move mag has is only a Cross up, the is also a cross up, just REALLY DEEP & LATE.

something about the, if you are roming someone, and do a, depending on the timing,Sprite, and how low the sprite was, you may get the juggle affect instead of them being sweeped. They actually pop back up for a reset/cross up while they are still in the air, it’s really wierd, but has been done. It’s really hard to redo though because of obivous reason.

There are some frames in mags that are 100% unblockable.

Gotta love marvel.

thats interesting because s.fp for mag ive always thought was blockable because ive blocked it many times when someone attempted to cross up. But ill take your word on it, i just remember when magnetro first started doing it he called it a cross up and not an unblockable.

from what I know, it can hit in the front, back and unblockable. If the timing on it gets fucked up, its blockable because its now either front or back but i’ve tried this with mixup before and he’s hit me really deep while I was holding the xup direction to block and it still hit me.

cool thats what i was thinkin that no one has ever timed it right on me

I disagree.

i’ve known about the corner c.hp for a at least a year. I thought it worked on everyone? Or maybe its just because everyone i play use the same people and it works on those certain characters.

About the, I’ve seen it do the juggle pop up type effect a few times, particularly on psylocke and commando.

For the S.hp I think depending on how its done it can be blocked or an unblockable on sent.

Fun combo with s.hp on sent

low Rom:
land, dash slightly passed sent, s.hp xx sjc,, addf, lk, lk… repeat

works midscreen and combos.


This is not true. It’s been extensively tested and it’s always been proven wrong. Even I believed it was until I did my own testing.

Also, you don’t even need to do any fancy changes to the infinite if you’re doing the c.fierce. You just infinite till the corner, then dash and launch. Simple.

Edit: And ParryPerson, you really are a bitch, lol. Neg me for saying you’re wrong? Awww, poor baby.

can someone explain the pop up effect?

theres been a few times on psy and commando where i did a and it popped them up like the psy,, animation except i only used a it was done right as they were landing from a jump

If you hit them early enough with the c.rh, they just pop up. I’ve done this a bunch of times to a blackheart that did a screwed up jumpback fp, and he popped up like he got otg’d. I believe it’s due to that [the early hit], and possibly what part of Mag’s sprite they get hit by. The last thing I doubt, though.

cable’s magic bullet

any move after a guard break is unblockable :slight_smile: it may be escapable, but its unblockable haha

It happens very frequently when I play against Mega Man. I’m pretty sure it’s when you low-hit/trip them on the exact frame that they land.

it happens the most when im mag against psylocke. a few times they claimed they were blocking. have you guys ever had that happen? the other person say they were blocking?