Not sure if I want to stick with Melee or move to Street Fighter


Not sure if this is the right place; if not, tell me where to post this. I’ve been playing Super Smash Bros Melee competatively for about 2 years now, but I feel like I’m starting to get burnt out on it. I still love the game and enjoy watching it too, but I don’t know if I can keep going. I’m still going to play it, but I’m not sure if I’m going to be as competative. I’ve recently started playing USF4, and I feel like I’m having more fun with that, and that it’s easier to analyse the game. I want to stick with Melee because of how much time I’ve invested into it, but I’m starting to prefer playing Street Fighter. My dream in life is to go to Evo, and just get out of pools. I don’t care if I get bodied in my first match; I just want to be in bracket. Could you guys help with my decision? I know I’m the one who ends up deciding, but I’m just hung up on this situation.


USFIV will not be part of the main tournament at EVO 2016 .


I’d be willing to get USFV if I have to


Try SFV when it comes out. If you enjoy it, then go ahead and compete in it.


Learning new fighting games will increase your knowledge and make you better in other games.
Bobby Scar said that playing SF made him a better Melee player. In Melee, you can go far in a tournament by being mostly mechanically good, but in SF, mechanics can only get you so far. You need to learn footsies and that knowledge will apply to all fighting games.

Have fun!


Smash is checkers compared to more advanced “purposeful” fighters. If you’re getting burnt out on smash, you’ll probably get more out of the added technical skill and complexity required. Not to mention just learning something new and all the various systems and matchups.

That being said, the pace of smash is way faster than SF, where every move is pretty purposeful.

Marvel or Guilty Gear seems an easier transition for that kind of frenetic pace. But those are SUPER hard.


I made the transition from Melee to Marvel/Blazblue in 2008 and never looked back. Was then introduced to Street Fighter and it was such a breath of fresh air to give “traditional” fighters a try. Your skills in Melee will not be lost on other 2D fighters, you can still take advantage of spacing, tech chasing…

I was also burnt out on Melee. It’s nice to expand your horizons


I’m moving from Starcraft 2 to SF and man, executing comobos and stuff is so awesome. Though the only experience I have with fighters is Melee and casually playing other fighting games (I did get 3rd in a local brawl tournament). I hope my skill to read opponent transfers over. If you’re looking for a newbie practice partner, I can be that guy!


I currently play both and I think the game knowledge you gain from each one is a lot to take in and memorize at once but over time it’ll end up strengthening your ability in both games. After that point, whichever one you enjoy more, I would just stick with that one. Unless you end up enjoying both a lot more. Just don’t play too many games competitively at the same time or it’ll make switching from one to the other kinda weird sometimes.