Not sure if this is old or new news

Need help understanding whats going on in this match.


At the 2:06 mark, Gen performs his ultra 1. Wolfkrone blocked the proper direction, pressed no buttons, yet still got hit. It looks to be a crossover.

Based on what I’ve seen on Gens (and other characters)throws, there are two different animations for people getting thrown. One where they land on their back which is his forward throw. The back throw however has your opponent with their belly to the ground and has a faster standup animation than the forward throws. I’m pretty sure that due to the properties and timing of of his back throw in the corner, Gen’s Ultra 1 Mantis can cross people up on the ground. Not sure if this is old or new news, am looking for some help in understanding why Ultra 1 has cross up properties and if so, do other characters have them?
Thanks in advance for any Gen-Fu related advice.

EDIT: This setup is actually pretty easy to pull off.
First things first, you must back throw your opponent into the corner.
As soon as you return to a neutral state, dash towards the corner.
While dashing, buffer the Ultra and make sure to press all three punches BEFORE they stand
up. If anything, wait to press the button until you see the first frame of their stand up animation.
Training yourself to see that first frame is vital, once you can see it you no longer need the forward dash as you can cross them up with strict timing from your standing position after throwing.
I can confirm Mantis Ultra 1 can be used as a cross-up in the corner against the following characters:
Ryu, Juri, Guile, Chun-Li, Ken, E Honda, Zangief, Rufus, Abel, Ibuki, Makoto, C Viper, Vega, Bison, El Fuerte, Dudley, Seth, Sagat, Balrog, Fei Long, Cammy, Gouken, T Hawk, Akuma, DeeJay, T Hawk, Adon, Cody, Gen, Dan, Guy, Rose, Hakan, Sakura, Oni, Yang, Yun, Evil Ryu

It does not work against these characters:
Blanka, Dhalsim,

Also, as far as testing went, you can substitute Super, but timing is different based on which button you press. I advise using MP as in gets in quicker than LP and has the more active frames than HP. Patience is a key for getting the Super down.

Full Credit goes the Messiah who originally discovered this technique. My hat is off to him. As far as I’m concerned, this is just an update for 2012, I did not discover this.

the messiah found it quite a while ago. It’s a cross-up setup for U1.

but basically you are screwed if the opponent leaves the stick at neutral or holds the forward button lol! good stuff though

True, but (if this trick could be pulled off consistently) you would always leave your opponent in a 50/50 guess game for more tha 400 dmg…

hmm good point there sir

If you’re serious about Gen, don’t waste your time on crap like this. If you’re just doing it for fun, by all means have fun. But if it matters to anyone, if I see someone doing this at a tournament, I’d look down on it heavily.

no1 sign of desperation lol!

Why are you screwed if they leave the stick neutral?

I realize it’s for those desperate moments, you need to practice the Hail Mary plays as well as the go-to combos.
Any advice to improve my Gen game is greatly appreciated.
I have been going to tourneys and fight nights in my area and wish to help people level up against Gen.

save this for ranked or endless. Leave it out of tournaments. Personally the only 50/50 ultra setup you should even attempt as a last ditch effort is super, s.LK, Ultra. That is more of a 50/50 than the corner throw ultra. It’s easier to get out of the corner version than it is the reset. But personally don’t even bother if you are playing serious.

if they leave the stick on neutral Gen will just pass through, why the corner helps is that it stops Gen at a point and the hit box lingers, holding back makes the opponent enter a blocking state which extends the hitbox backwards and Gen hitbox will connect. neutral the hitbox will not extend