Not sure if this is old or not


despite hearing a lot about k’ and mai being in the japanese version of the game i had never actually seen them anywhere. granted i didnt do the world’s best search, but still. though this was kinda interesting.


We need more than just the character portrait screen to know if it’s true, if it was I bet we should had been able to see clips and all already. Sucks it’s not real. =/


I call fake. Not because of anything specific in the picture, but because of where it’s hosted.


Maybe fake maybe not… hopefully not of course, maybe a treat for the fans … maybe a trick from a dude who likes to piss of the fans :stuck_out_tongue: … time will tell…


This is the real reason the upcoming patch is taking awhile, they wanted to add this as DLC and feel obligated to include it with the patch :smiley:

I have no idea, if it’s fake, it’s really well done. But that alone doesn’t convince me of much.


I dunno, the fact that the image is hosted on some random graphic designer’s page and not somewhere where this kind of stuff is usually found just seems fishy to me (and not to mention that I can’t find a single link or mention of it on the guy’s site).


the only thing that makes me believe this is that those photos of k’ and Mai are not available to the public in high res. if he were to use the ones from the japanese kof website (the only place that the Nona pictures of k’ and mai have been seen) he basically would have had to cut them out of a compilation, upscale them (which i highly doubt would make them look that crisp), and fill in the parts of the figure that were missing in the original style of the Nona. judging from his work posted on the website i dont think he would be capable of that. not to mention it would be an enormous amount of meaningless work for a mock up.


You were saying?


Anything is possible with photoshop :smile:. It would be nice though if this were true but right now I think they need to concentrate on teh online first. Then they can release any add ons later.


this means there is no Santa Claus


ah well then this is definitely fake. still nicely done though :slight_smile:


lol, aren’t all the chars that were supposed to be on the disc already found? And K’ isn’t in there?

Why are idiots still talking about K’ and Mai? Are they really that stupid to think that an image on the anniversary site was ‘fate’ ?!


I call bullshit on this one. What dumbass would take a shot of the "character select’’ screen but not the characters in actual gameplay? Not even a video? Get this shit out of here.


orochan the fact that theres completely finished kof 12 Nona pics for the both of them kinda lends to the possiblity of them being in the game moreso than any other characters. im not a big fan of either one of them so it really doesnt matter to me, i just thought it was interesting. and if there are more beautiful sprites out there i want to see them. there really was no reason to come in here calling people idiots and insulting people’s intelligence while contributing absolutely nothing to the topic. chill out.


K’ and Mai’s pics are old news. OLD. NEWS. A bunch of us thought that seeing K’ and Mai’s artwork meant they would end up in XII. It didn’t happen. We got over it. The last thing we need is more people bumping heads over characters they want in KOF XII/XIII. We had two threads bitching about the same thing for months.

And there is NOTHING to contribute. Nothing at all. Where is this going to go? Nowhere. Unless we get actual hardcore proof that K’ and Mai are in the game, topics like these shouldn’t even exist. This reminds me of when people would post about MVC3 in FGD. Nothing was promised and it became so bad that a mod had to make a sticky threatening people with infractions if they made more threads about it. Is that what needs to happen here?

And yeah with it being 2009 and people having equipment to record live footage I would expect more than just a screenshot that could be done with photoshop. I would expect you to expect more proof than that as well. That screenshot doesn’t prove anything. We want proof. Proof you can’t deny.

No one fell for that pic here.


i dont understand why you are getting me confused with some rabid fan that desperately wants proof that these characters are in the game. i never said the pic proved anything i just thought it was interesting. even if it wasnt real its still an impressive mock up. and just because they arent in the game now doesnt mean that they cant or wont be. if any characters are added it would stand to reason that these two have a greater chance than any other because they already have artwork out there.

if you feel that there is nothing left to contribute (and fyi the thread was pretty much dead and finished before you arrived) then you could have left your “conribution” to yourself and the thread would have remained dead on its own. what the hell is wrong with you people? chill the heck out!


Hatred on the EDGE with his HATRED…

god, I’m lame. I wish it were true, though. ;-;


Ogura, not Nona.


Those pics were pretty cool, I don’t know if they could have kept something that big a secret for this long without more people knowing though. I mean, work for each character supposedly took months, so it seems like someone had to have leaked something.

I’ll cross my fingers and hope though x.x


is there a mod around here? topics like this should be locked