Not sure if this is the place to ask, but is this a good deal on a SF2 cabinet?

Someone on craigslist is selling a SFII arcade cab, in working order (Or so he says, I haven’t looked at it yet) for $350. Is this a good deal? It seems like it is and I’ve always always always wanted to own one.

sounds like a amazing deal lol but u should go see it frist

Definitely check it out first. Look for screen burn in. Also check out the inside if possible to see the condition of the boards/electronics. Buttons and stick can be replaced; the monitor is a costly replacement.

Are you in the Minneapolis area? I saw a Street Fighter cab up for something like that a few days ago, but there looked to be something odd about the button panel, the spacing didn’t look right to me. May have been the pic, may have been because it was 3 in the morning and I couldn’t see straight, but the buttons looked off.

Yup, just double checked it, the top row looks way too far up for some reason. Maybe its just been so long since I’ve seen one in the arcade I forgot the spacing, but I doubt it.

SFII cabs are some of the most common, but F’ed up cabs out there. $350 isn’t bad. You could get better. However, if everything looks good, I’d say go for it. Research all the things Nitewalker warned of, and how to inspect for such things. If all looks good after that knowledge, you’re good to go, all depends on your wallet. :cool:

Kitsu, that cab is straight retarded. If anyone is looking at that cab and wondering if it is a deal. It is, a deal of pure crap. 13 inch monitor leaves much to be desired as well. Total hack job.

yes, even if the joystick panel is screwed up, but the monitor and sound is in good working condition, 350$ is a steal. Rebuilding the joystick panel is usually a relatively easy task compared to fixing the monitor or other hardware issues.

Remember that these cabs may have been a different game previously before it was changed to SF2. The seller may or may not know that, so you can haggle if you reveal that to them. I got my SF2CE for 100 bucks. but have seen them go for up to 500-600 depending on the condition.

I got a SF2CE cab for $90 off ebay. Was definitely a conversion and had a lil burn in of a previous game (cant really notice it while playing though). It was pretty dirty, but all in all it all worked so it was a good deal. For $350 I would expect a cleaner cab.

Funny thing is it cost way more to have it shipped than what I paid for the cab.

cabinet | United States | By Ken San Nicolas (kensanity)

In that video are two cabs that I’m thinking of buying. It LOOKs like the one on the left is ST but it may just be SF2. EAch cab will cost me $500. there are no shipping charges whatsoever and I live on guam so, all other shipping options aren’t feasible.

Is that a good price for something like this? Ideally, I would want to sell the actual game board, gut everything and hook the monitor up to a dedicated MAME computer, but just fishing for ideas here. There is a tekken 3 cab with the exact same setup that I’d like to buy as well

Regarding the cabs in that video, I’d just like to say one thing: HOLY HELL WHAT DID THEY DO TO THE CP?!? :shake: