Not sure if this tech talk but I need a Ryu duffel bag


…a mini one. To hold dat fight money (quarters, tokens). Super Arcade…WC, baby. I will try to be as generous as I can if someone can make me one. I can pay in dollars or I also have a ton of games I’ll probably never get around to playing. Hell, 2 or 3 bags would be great.


It is Tech Talk if you sew it yourself. Otherwise hit up the Trading Outlet.


Why would you need a duffel bag just to hold money/tokens? Are you planning on also putting your arcade stick and other accessories in there? If it’s just for quarters/tokens, just do what I do and use an empty Airborne medicine tube, or an empty gum/mint case.


He could do all those things. But then it wouldn’t be cool.


No dremel , No fun.


Or he’ll get mocked for having a custom-made Ryu token bag and/or get that shit stolen.


He’ll be at an arcade playing fighting games with a Ryu Duffle bag change holder. stolen, maybe… Mocked… prob not


How’s this:

It’s even got his name on it!

On the real, a white military style duffel bag will likely be all you need. Or a Crown Royal bag, that’s what I used to hold my tokens in when I was a kid.


I had this amazing thing sewn right onto my pants, we called them… pockets. It was truly revolutionary.