Not sure where my skill level is at?

I’ve been on a loosing streak for this last year mostly and I’m not sure where it stems from a few things have changed.

I converted from pc to ps4

I converted back to pad (i think this may be rectified once I also convert back to PC which is something i plan to do soon)

I haven’t done locals or anything in a while (mainly because no one around is really on my level, i have a fb group I’ve been trying to coordinate with)

My thing is though is I’ve started to adopt more data-mining and solid deliberate play into my game. I’ve been loosing more for it, in SF4 at least, theres not much else out on ps4 i play online. I’m feeling like the players I loose to just do whatever without rhyme or reason and it almost seems like it’s getting harder to gain momentum in my matches. I’ve been playing a wide variety of characters to complement my newer wholistic approach to my view of the game and it’s not translating into success.

Is there any suggestions or insights that SRK has to offer I’ve been on SF4 since day 1 Vanilla although I’ve had wavering levels of dedication throughout the years.

It’s really hard for us to give you advice without seeing your play. Post up a vid.

indeed the ps4 version of usf has a youtube uploader right?