"Not until I see those Street Fighters pummeled to dust!" - Bison Video Thread



It should be any moment now.

Please post any relevant videos or gameplay footage of him in here. If you desire a critique, make a note of it in your post so other fellow Dictators can help you.

Also, if you lack a capture card and you want your footage up feel free to PM me if you are on Xbox- I can record replays for you. I will be happy to assist if it will aid you in improving with him.

Thank you for fighting on Shadaloo’s behalf. Your reward for your loyalty and allegiance shall be Bison granting mercy upon your soul once he achieves world domination.


:eek: I’m counting on you for massive Bison footage, SN0.


Roll that beautiful bean footage!!


yeah I haven’t found any vids of him on youtube…



edit 2: Damn character love, using him now.


:eek: Yo, that win quote.


I’m curious, whaddya mean? This is my first time playing Bison and first time even using a charge character.


For a while, SNO was salty that there were some pretty hefty changes to the Bison that we’d all got to know and love playing SFIV, Super and AE like when you have to be super accurate on hitting forward (rather than down forward) on Scissor kicks and not go back to holding back too quickly or Bison would backdash. Also there’s shit tons more recovery on his normals in this game than there was in SF.

I think I’m right in saying that SNO’s back on the Bison train now though after trying him out in the new game for a bit longer.

Once you go purple, you never go back.


edit: stuff is outdated now


tips for online co-op



Those are some sick videos SNO. I can tell you feel uncomfortable with Bison though. Every time you could get a combo you just switch to Juri.


Hey thanks. He really is a different character in this game but I’m going to stick with him and try to get him on my Juri’s level. For now to compensate I’ve been having to play really lame. Out of 90 victories from Bison 60 were time outs according to my records >_>

Anyone else please post your Bison, curious to how you guys are using him.


I wish SFxTK kept the same mechanics in SF4 for charge characters. Other input shortcuts feel the same for SPDs and SRKs. They can churn their SPDs and mash their SRKs all day, but I’m not allowed to have a charge partition. Life isn’t fair.


:eek: Good shit, SN0.

Purple steak all day.

P.S. - I’m sure you already know, but if you juggle with any normals and want to tag, you can go into X Rush by skipping the chain and going straight for :hp:+:hk:. I’ve lost an easy juggle so many times by just going up the chain without thinking about it.


I mostly main Abel, but because Bison is in my team I did some Tag team combos. Hope you enjoy!



lol thats how you play him in this game. I cant stand using him as a valid character, unless I have to. He basically sets up my other character, who CAN do good damage.


There’s a pretty good Bison x Juri team on ss4evo’s YT channel called Midna-Twilight (I think). I’m at work where YT is banned but I’ll post em up tonight.

He’s got like 6000 points or something but you won’t really learn a great deal from his bison play cos it’s what we’ve all been saying all along really - Poke, poke, poke chain launch into Juri. Still worth a watch though.


Hey you guys want some cheese with that whine???

BTW I should be uploading some videos within the next hour or two.


lol fair enough I suppose it is time to put up or shut up. BTW I’m not ragging on Bison, I still like him.

Here’s Midna-Twilight terrorizing Rolento in the corner:


And here he is taking out a good Tekken team:


Looks like the Short, Forward, Roundhouse chain is great for locking people down in the corner.


Nothing fancy here, just some casuals for fun vs a Nina/Cammy team in Endless. We played a first to three, 3/5 rounds per match.

I realize my team has almost no synergy, but I’m just enjoying playing both together at the moment while I continue to learn the game. I’m aware of most of my mistakes here, so just posting them for entertainment not so much criticism at this point. Tons of missed combos and hitconfirms, not to mention overall bad play lol.

Sorry about the ass quality, just lack any sort of capture equipment right now so my phone will have to do.