Not used to arcade sticks


ive been playin on this custom fs3 all sanwa parts but im havin trouble keepin consistent. when im on the d-pad, my dualshock3, im way more consistent cuz when u press down, it’s down, lol. i guess im just not used to the stick, but what are some optimal ways to hold it or to connect certain comboes, etc. for example when i cr.hp (in SF4 wit ryu), i noticed i can move the joystick from downforward-down-downfoward hp. to immediately connect rite after a crouched hp instead of movin it all the way forward (sometimes resulting in a jump if i move it too much). i guess the square gates mess wit me too since i only really played the happ sticks at arcades.

btw, do u guys notice that u may be better (more consistent) on one side of the game than the other?


Yea, it’s a problem I think everyone runs into at one point (being better at one side than the other). It’s easy to overcome by simply practicing on the side you’re not good at. Practice makes perfect and that goes for everything when using a stick. It takes some getting used to and I’m in the same boat as you, I’m used to Happ sticks and playing with a Sanwa joystick is like playing with a broken Happ, it’s just flopping around everywhere like a big floppy donkey dick.


LOL Pasky @ your description of going from Happ to Sawna. :rofl:

If the square gate is giving you trouble, your best bet is to replace it with an octo-gate (8-way). However, if it were me I’d rather just play with a good ol’ IL Competition stick. :wink:


I use a HRAP2 SA and I notice I am better on my left side then my right but this is an all around problem thats been bothering me with games like Marvel Vs Capcom. Practice makes perfect. I have gotten used to the Square gate but I would recommend an Octogate if you pick characters like Zangrief with circular motion moves


hehe i had same problem thinking 1 side is easy-er,
but u just gotta keep practicing, play 1 week only stick, & then go back to the pad & you’ll understand why everyone here has a stick


Training Mode. The only way to learn is by doing. Over and over again till you find a way you’re comfortable with and can access the moves you need.


If I was used to playing SF in north american machines, then I need to relearn the square gate?



I suppose you could just get an octogate for your stick instead, if that’s your preference.