Not your typical "usb wire tear/short/disconnect" arcade stick problem...a little puzzling


Okay so I had symptoms of a typical tear from wrapping up my usb cable and packaging it in my arcade stick compartment, I thought for the longest time that it was a wire tear, so I’d have to move around my cable into the ‘perfect’ position so that it would light up on my 360, if i moved it from that position it would stop working. It kept getting harder and harder to fix, thinking it was below the breakaway part of the cable, then I noticed one day that it didn’t want to work no matter what position I held the wire below the breakaway cable. So I started moving it around ABOVE the breakaway adapter, jiggling the actual breakaway cable itself closer to the USB head and it finally worked. So I thought, if it’s not BELOW it, and now it’s ABOVE it, maybe I just need a new breakaway cable…so I grabbed my extra MS 360 wired controller and plugged that into the breakaway adapter rather than the one that came with my Hori Real Arcade Pro VX-SA. I was shocked…I got absolutely no response from it, the only time the light flickered was when I connected both cables together at the breakaway adapter. No matter how much I finagled the cable above or below it, I didnt get a single response, no flash of light at the Home button, nothing.

This began to make me think that maybe there is no actual wire tear itself… I plugged in the old breakaway cable that came with my Hori and voila I could start to finagle the cable back into a working state…which doesn’t make any sense to me. I cross checked both breakaway cables and both work with my 360 Controller. I’m a little hesitant on what my next step should be. I love this Arcade Stick but I’m puzzled by this problem and I’m not ready to just throw this one out and buy a new one, although every day that passes and every time I spend close to 20 minutes trying to jiggle the cable into a working state I feel more like doing so.

So to those of you who are more technically savy than I am, what the hell is going on here? It’s like this breakaway cable is possessed by some kind of force that is bringing my controller back from the dead, that no other cable will do itself.

Once again I’m using a Hori Real Arcade Pro VX-SA and a 2nd edition Xbox 360, I’ve tested every single USB slot and all produce the same results, and are working with other devices. Thanks in advance for any responses.

I’ll be taking a picture of my current set-up for how the position of the cable is ‘working’


Sorry for the poor quality, my camera’s not the best, but this is the position I have it in to make it work, it’s nudged in between the console and the side of my speaker, and this is the only way I can get it to work. This means I won’t be going to any locals/tournaments until I can obviously fix this, so Im open to any suggestions.


Picture really doesn’t tell us much.
Still, if your stick works while jiggling the cable sometimes, and not other times, it sounds like it’s still likely a crapped out cable.

The best and cheapest next-step would be to simply desolder the existing cable, and mount in a new one (either soldering it directly, or mounting a Neutrik jack for a removable option).


well you can still goto locals and tourneys, just ask to borrow sticks