with all them new mechanics we need common abbreviations. most are bluntly obvious, what do you guys think?

SC = Switch Cancel
CC = Cross Cancel/Counter
CR/LMHH = Cross Rush
CDC = Charge Dash Cancel
lvl 2 movename = charge till ex version
CS / charge super or SC / super charge = charge till lvl 3 aka super
EXCS / ex charge super = charge till lvl 3 with ex version (is way faster)
SA / super = super art
L / LA / launcher / = launcher
PA / PAN / pandora = Pandora
those two have a mutal notation, any idea which can be “renamed” and to what?
CA = cross art (ultra? :3 team super/TS?)
CA = cross assault (party mode/PM? XA /x-assault?)

Wait for some black commentator or Chris Hu (but I repeat myself) to think of catchy names.

TC - Tag Canceling (I think this rolls off the tongue better.)
CA - Cross Art
XA - Cross Assault
PN - Pandora

I’m curious as to we’ll do for movement and button inputs. We’re going to have people used to the GG inputs, SF inputs, and both Tekken inputs.

I love XA to be honest.

I’d stick with the QCF, df, b,f, lp,mk,hp,ppp etc notations. never was a fan of 2,3,1,4 etc it’s longer and looks meh and is hard to get for new players.

It’s a Capcom game with 6 buttons, people will most likely stick with LP/Jab and QCF notations.

Thank god. I don’t always have a numberpad handy ya know?

Just say LMHH when you mean Crosh Rush, most people wont bother with the term for it anyway. As for command normal launchers, just give the input.

What’s customary for links and chains? In sf4 we use commas for links, but so do marvel players with chains. Since this game has both, will we be seeing stuff like cr.lp x, x s.hp x launcher, xx special?

without comma LMHH, or name of Target combo.

If its a Chain, the it should be noted as a Chain, same if its a Link, though its more to type it prevents confusion on both ends. Also as there Dash and Jump Cancelable normals, it just adds more fuel to the fire. but to be honest i dont think many of these abbreviation will catch on, like its not hard typing out Pandora multiple times, I can only see things like (TC) or Tag Cancel being widely used.

when you’re cancelling anything into anything, just put xx or something inbetween, and commas otherwise. That’s hard to misunderstand.

oh ok, i just try everything out, so im always long winded…i didnt know what those xx ment, i just though of them as a pause or a space to prevent from things getting cluttered in notations…i didnt know thats what it meant