Noted Pornographic Artist joins Skullgirls Dev Team

And I don’t think we need to guess exactly who it is…


I bet the OP is that guy who just found something important or really popular well after everyone else already knows about it and it’s old news. And he’s the guy who feels that it’s his duty to alert everyone around him.

The OP just found out yesterday when the story broke, and didn’t see anyone else post about it here so decided to make a thread about it.

So your attempts to make yourself feel important by belittling someone else, while admirable, have failed.

It’s not porn. Its art.
Also good for Zone. His flash animation is top notch despite how long it takes him. Now he can actually make money from his work because everyone knows Hentaikey ain’t worth shit.

It’s quite a simplification: Zone didn’t join the dev team as an animator, he was contracted as an external animator, ie one of a hundred guys animation frames are outsourced to (and he was hired after passing the test on their site, not because of his porn). He isn’t a lab zero team member.