Noted Pornographic Artist joins Skullgirls Dev Team


And I don’t think we need to guess exactly who it is…



Nothing surprising since loads of artists in the game/film industry have drawn adult content at one point of their lives. Not like porn artist+game=porn game by default


OP you know you double posted your thread right?


Yeah, and I didn’t try to (don’t know how the hell it happened.)

I already contacted a Mod to delete one of 'em.


What thoughts should we even have on this?

  • There was a test for animators to take and send to L0, portfolio was irrelevant
  • ZONE (like XXXXmany others) took it
  • ZONE passed
  • Boom

He’s a contracted animator like god knows how many else, L0 is gonna tell him what to do and he’s gonna do it. End.

Look at what Mariel has drawn in her time (…and still draws now); Zone is pretty tame in the first place.


Lab Zero: We Get Freaky


My thoughts: destructoid needs to learn how to report shit.


I’m actually shocked. At the very least I expected a few trolling posts about Zone’s past works, but everyone so far here has shown an open & calm attitude.

sinff I’m so proud of you guys…


There really is nothing to troll. He makes entertaining stuff. Also I watched him stream some Squigly animation today. Her air push block turned out clean as fuck.


I always thought ZONE was a girl lol


@Xechs I’ve heard quite a few times that Zone’s friend and fellow hentai artist, Natsume, confirmed that Zone was a dude. He never shot down that comment so Im sticking with “zone is a guy” until I see evidence for otherwise. Though a popular rumor right now is that Zone is an elder god in a different realm of existence. So who knows.