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These will be notes on dealing with the twins [S]Duo and Trowa[/S] that I figure out, if anyone has anything to add, please feel free to post below and maybe when we get enough information we can compile a match-up guide. As of the first post, I only have information regarding dealing with Yun. Considering I also play Yang, any time I’ve spent time with him so far has been utilized actually learning how to play him, rather than against him. I will update with appropriate notes when I do the research.

Yun - “Cheap? Do you know how much paid for this cap?!”
**Say hello to the boss of Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition. You probably know him as Yun but he goes by many names: Duo, The Older Lee Brother, Shin Rufus, Wolverine…

Name of the game is attack. Yun is amazing on offense and ass on defense [He can’t FADC his dragon kick] so the idea is to find a way to deal with his bullshit [Trust me, cause it is bullshit], make him sit still, and mix him up. The notes below are just bits of information [In no particular order] that you might find useful, comments and questions are welcome, but if you want to know if or how something works, before asking try it yourself first.

vs. Yun
[]Don’t duck at the Palm Thrust, the hitbox is active for way too long.
]If you get a sweep off [c.MK], you can do a max-range meaty c.HK and with the exception of focus attack, no move he has will beat it. Dragon Kick will whiff because of the invincibility, but you will be able to punish once c.HK ends.
]You can use Short Swing Blow to deter lunge punches. Any lunge punch [Including EX] will be beaten clean by SSB. You can also use c.HK to beat it, but it is much more difficult requires him to pretty much be full screen when he does it, otherwise he’ll counterhit you out of it.
]Dudley’s f.Throw causes an untechable knockdown of 60 frames, This is important information
]Dudley’s b.Throw causes an untechable knock down of 50 frames, This is important information.
]Dealing with Dive Kicks
[]From Far Away
[]s.HP, Cross Counter, j.HK
]Close Up
From far away if Yun gets wise and starts to do j.HP to counter your j.HK, Dudley can either do j.HP or just do early j.HK to beat it.
]If Yun does get in close with his dive kicks, after you block the first dive kick do a throw tech option select using c.HP to stop the myriad of follow-ups he has including: another jump dive kick, throw, command grab. The inputs for the throw tech should look like the buttons below

[INDENT=1]Be forewarned that the throw timing is strange, so I advise you to set Yun in training mode to dive kick then grab and practice against it. If Yun gets wise to your option select he might choose to blow it up by following up a dive kick with s.HP. Unfortunately I have not found any solid tactic to beat this except sometimes jabbing to keep Yun honest.[/INDENT]
[]In poking, Yun has 6 buttons and all of them are absolutely great.
]In order from shortest to furthest reaching
[]c.LK, c.LP
]c.MP, c.MK, s.MK
[*]s.HK, s.HP
[INDENT=1]All of these buttons either have good range, lead into a combo, do good damage, or any combination of the three. c.MP, f.MP, s.HP, s.HK should be your go to pokes in a footsie war if you can actually get Yun to get out of the sky for a moment or two.[/INDENT]

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In-depth Matchup Discussion: Yun

Really good stuff East. Thank you for you contribution to the community once again :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info, the only thing I would say is that I stick out standing jabs to deter closer divekicks since sometimes st. forward is too slow for me. Also, his kara throw is very good and he can mix-up going for a kara command grab and kara throw within basically the same range.


Yuns dive kicks
From far Away he can hit you below Cross counter’s active frames.
close up its best to LP jet upper it’s active the whole way down and his hurt box is way below the dive kick’s hitbox. You’re bound to trade (into 300-800 stun)

Yun’s pokes.
s.MP is probably his best pokes. he actually MOVES forward during start up (like Ken’s f.MK) and is hit confirmable into his [ MP HP Palm] Target combo.
beats crouch techs too. it’s his kara grab normal so learning the range is really important.

A whiffed s.MP has notable recovery so just react and counter it with s.HK xx EX MGB

Also his LUNGE PUNCH counts as him being in the air during the lunge (lol what the FUCK)
jump if he flashes yellow mid/full screen and j.HK it.

I recommend using Ultra 1 vs Yun, Punish up kicks, palms and command grabs

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Yun has two kara moves, st. strong and st. forward. St. forward gives him more range, but he can’t kara command grab.


kara regular grab


Twin divekicks that hit above the waist are -3 on block. PUNISH THAT SHIT! If you punish every mistimed divekick, they won’t be as careless and will try to hit you low. That means they’ll be jumping in from further away. Just st.jab that shit (if your reactions suck, otherwise DP). It’ll probably trade, but it’s better than being in a situation where Yun has the advantage of the mixup. Dudders has plenty of life anyway, so those trades are basically in your favor. Yun divekicks are ass.


If you block reversal roundhouse Nishou Kyaku while crouching you can punish it with EX MGB. That move has a ridiculous amount of recovery.

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It tends to whiff while crouching .
I still cant decide on weither to use ultra 1 or ultra 2 vs Yun
I’m usually on ultra 2 but when I get in a situation when I coulda used 1… oh lawd that damage


Yang divekicks are safe vs 3 frame reversals, it has more 3 more frames blockstun and 1 more frame of hitstun than Yun’s.