Nothing is free including the sun


Spanish woman Angeles Duran claims she owns the sun - and plans to start charging ALL users | Mail Online

Finally, someone to sue for all the radiation and all the power outages due to sunspots.

  1. She won’t be able to enforce any charges.

  2. She is liable for thousands of frivolous lawsuits.

  3. What a dumb bitch.


"I am not stupid, "

Someone should of stop her mid sentence and say “yes you ARE!”


Fuck!! wish I thought of doing that, would of been amazing to see it on my CV :rofl:


i remember some guy claimed to be landlord of our planet or some shit, and started demanding rent money back in the day


LOL kame got broke


That’s one hell of a liability if she ever wants to get a mortgage.


The funny thing is that the first property owners probably claimed things not quite unlike this.


do you now?

that’s fucking UN laws right there.


I’ll sue her for giving people skin cancer.


I’ll sue her from withholding services that were previously scheduled for San Francisco’s last few summers.


I’ll sue her for future destruction of property when the Sun obliterates Earth in 7.6 billion years.