"Nothing That Stands Before Me Will Survive" In-Depth Matchup Dudley

Hey guys! I’ve been checking out the Evil Ryu thread and I haven’t seen much matchups so I’ve decided to create one of my own. Now depending on how many people view and reply to this I’ll continue to post more In-depth matchups until I have the entire cast/roster. After this thread is complete if anyone have any problems with a specific character let me know and I’ll do my best to break that character down in the next In-Depth Matchup thread.

Before I explain this matchup I want those that are reading this to understand in this matchup it’s ALL about spacing and zoning. In the training room there are 6-5 spaces for full screen, and 4-3 for mid-screen. Personal I believe Ultra 2 works well in this matchup just because you can punish his back dashes or his SSB(Short Swing Blow) as he is going backwards.

Full Screen: 6 to 5 Spaces

Full Screen: 6 to 5 Spaces
From this range Evil Ryu can safely throw different versions of his fireballs without having to fear Dudley’s Duck>Straight or his Ultra 1.

If the Dudley player does his Duck>Straight from this range Evil Ryu can counter/stuff his Duck>Straight before it comes out with Far Standing Fierce, Crouching Forward, both Crouching and Far Standing Strong.

Evil Ryu should start being more cautious of how he throws his fireballs when he is about a space and a half at that range Dudley can Duck>Straight.

Dudley Fact: Roundhouse(HK)Duck>Straight goes 3 Space
Evil Fact: All his Fireballs take up a space and a half

You should write more, before you say “will write more if”–

  • normals to use for baiting full screen/fireball fakes (s.lp cause is fastest recovery is best fake mid range)
  • specials to build meter (lp srk or lk stomp after non-jumped lp.fireball is safe)
  • light fireball -> dash

If you write about mid screen or close up, that will help ppl the most and prolly ask for more detail.

I will I just wanna see if anyone will read this or even look at it now I’ll cont