Nothing to see here.


***Sold what I needed to help ease my travel burden. Sale over for now. Thanks!

Need to raise cash for a trip, so I’m going to list some rainy day project pieces and regret it later! EDIT: Raised a whole lot, so I am pulling the NOS Suzo.

Pics to follow. CONUS shipping included. Looking for a timely sale, so I reserve the right to remove any items not sold by Tuesday (Feb. 4) at midnight.
Used to have tons of feedback here, made round gates for JLFs before it was cool :D. Same name on eBay, shmups, neo-geo and klov forums. All 100% feedback. Thanks.

2x NOS Happ P360 Joysticks. 72 shipped each. Fresh with instructions and bagged with all the fixings.

3x NOS Perfect 360 Adapter kits. 51 shipped. I believe that these predate the black Wico-branded all-in-one P360s. Designed for Wico Leaf-switch sticks, but work on Happ Ultimates with the included adapter. 2/3 of the kits have this adapter.

**SOLD pending payment 2x NOS SNK LS-30 Rotary Joysticks. 92 shipped ea./ 176 for the pair. Each includes a harness. Super nice sticks, dialed in 100% perfectly. I wired up and used one for 5 minutes to test it and then removed it from my cab.

**ALL SOLD NOS Wico Perfect 360 Buttons. These are the ‘spillproof’ optical buttons marketed by Wico for bars and the like back in the day. They are fairly rare. Think Sanwa meets Happ. Basically these are ‘Forever Buttons’.

100 shipped for one of the sets of 6. **6x Red buttons SOLD
45 shipped for one of the sets of 3. SOLD
I have three additional used Blue buttons I can pull from a stick. Can add them to the 3 NOS Blues for a total of 6 buttons for 80 shipped. SOLD

Take all the sexy butts pictured for 235 to your door. SOLDSOLDSOLD


WTB: wico p360

LS-30 and Perfect 360 buttons. Cool stuff that you don’t see very often. You see this @Sethiano?


yeah. he gave me first dibs, i just dont really need them. i need to quit spending money. thanks for thinking of me though guys


LS-30s sold pending payment.


PM sent for wico buttons :slight_smile:


Thanks for selling ECZ!

I remember @Preppy saying he needed some Happ P360’s in MvC2 small talk, maybe he’ll buy em.


I’ve raised enough to cover most of my flights for my trip, so mission accomplished. I’m heading to the post office now, and am leaving tomorrow so I am putting this sale thread on hold until I get back.

I may or may not want to sell the remaining stuff at all when I get back! but will update either way.


Dear god I missed the mother load…whyyyyyyyy!?

If you decide to sell wico p360 kits again, please let me know!