Notification problems


It seems like I have a problem with notifications. I checked all the boxes for the popup but I don’t get any notifications.

But I should receive one when someone is quoting my post for example right? I turned adblock off in my firefox browser but I don’t know if that will do it. Can someone quote me, so I can test it? =/

Do you usually get notification popups when someone likes your post?
I don’t get anything atm. :frowning:

i don’t get any notifications for someone quoting me or liking my post or whatever. i do get a shit ton of notifications though to threads i’ve subscribed too. every single post in said thread will send me a notification to the point where i have like 38 of them or something. it’s a bit awkward and i’m sure they’ll fix the kinks. i haven’t tried the new srk on other browsers besides firefox but i don’t think that’s the problem.

Ah ok thank you.

I finally got a notification, because of your post. So it does work. ^^
I just thought I wouldn’t get any notifications, because on other sites like testyourmight you also get one for a like or when someone quotes your post.

Thanks for your help!

How do I turn off notifications when somebody replies in a thread I made?

Edit Profile…Notification Preferences…uncheck “notify me when someone comments to my discussions”.