Notorious Brand - New fate/stay night fighter by french bread

apparantly melty blood was also announced on april 1st though.

edit: also, apparantly, the logo image changes to AINTU HEART randomly. Not sure how to induce it.

edit2: Oh, I don’t meet the system requirement either :frowning:

I’m going to have to say this is a joke.

10+ buttons? Seriously…easy joke.

it’s a joke. even the logo says “french bread-uso presents”.

uso = lie, fake, chicane

LOL at Shiro getting KO’ed in that one screen

yea, for reals…

subtle punch, light punch, medium punch, strong punch, super punch, ultimate punch, hissatsu punch, takizawa national electric punch

you’d be really stupid not to notice right away :rolleyes:

*** Hardware requirement

Object OS Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bit edition exclusive use
CPU Core2Quadx2 (physical 8 core) about 4GHz recommendation
Recommendation above memory 8GB
Graphics GeFORCE 8800 GTX Quad SLI (main point VRAM512MB) recommendation
???Voodoo13 (above main point VRAM 1GB) recommendation
Display triple display recommendation (it lines up into side, the same of size mono. Recommendation use of [daraiasu] frame)
Media 2 layer BD-ROM 9 uniting & installation necessary capacity approximately 450GB
In addition recommending the use of the game pad x2 which 12 buttons from here is restless
???As usual steering wheel controller correspondence and foot pedal correspondence
???Wii remote control + [nunchiyaku] necessity
???SKYPE correspondence

Completion due date 2014 April 1st ? expectation!**


fate stay night was pretty lame
character design was pretty boss though

though seriously, that’s some pretty damn good sprite work and they must have hired some good artist to draw those sprites. I’m really hoping this is for reals riding solely on the good sprite work. Obviously, I think between now and final version, they might cut down on number of buttons and system requirements lol.

Those are some awesome sprites.

Wish it was real…

And maybe it might be…some day.

The original Fate game (plus a few of its additions) is getting a PS2 port some time soon. If there was anything that might prod French Bread into making this thing a reality some time in the future, it would probably come from the resurgence in fan appeal from the PS2 port. That, and probably irrate Japanese fans who will probably cry foul and want this to be a real game in the first place. :smiley:

But again, we shall see…after all, as was noted on the first post, Melty Blood was first announced as a April Fool’s Day joke, and then became real itself some time later. So who knows what French Bread may have in store. I just hope that they’ll keep pressing forward…

I wonderwhat would happen if games with that many buttons became popular? Oh shi-, I need to get a 12-button stick. =/

wtb new fighter with this sprite work

There have also been rumors of a commercial F/SN fighter coming within the next 12 months, and why not French Bread doing it.

Beatmania: The Fighter imo

(never mind the fact that such a concept already exists in a couple of forms)

The game’s got 8 punch buttons… Which makes it awesome! I want to see capcom do some fakes like this.

Exactly what I was thinking. Type Moon, French Bread and their individual fanbases know well enough by now that whenever they get together is like a mathematical formula that can only spell success and win for all of them.

And again, with the fact being that people would probably want more Fate/Stay Night in their lives (following the recent anime, manga and now the upcoming PS2 port of the original game), it just sounds a bit too much like right…

Hopefully, the shots that are present now are just mock shots for what will eventually become a reality…though with probably less buttons. :wgrin: And it would also be nice if the PC and PS2(?) versions wouldn’t be that far apart from each other, either…