Notre Dame coach fired for coercing student-athletes to have sex with her daughter

I dont get the lawsuit, these are adults? Tutor’s mom offered up her daughter because her daughter was thirsty for some mandingo dick? They fucked for 5 months & he saying it was forced?

Dat team spirit.


this generation is so entitled and lost. they dont know a good deal if its literally put under their face.

I think the mom should sue Notre Dame for wrongful termination to get her job back, demand to only tutor female athletes in the future to avoid any more untoward allegations, and then adopt me.

Sounds like coach of the century imo

pics? (of the daughter,…coach,and team)

Surprisingly i couldnt find either yet also.


This story is all kinds of faggy. Nigga, did she ever say, fuck my daughter or fail my class? No, okay, stfu than. Unless her daughter has an std, or is retarded, i’d fuck for a good grade too. lol. Plus the moms sound like a freak too. Knock her off with that mandingo dick too.

Rehire this lady. She may be a little bit of a sociopath, but she is paving the way to the white womenz who crave the black mandingo. lol

lmfao beta freshman…most ingenius way to explain to black parents how you fucked up freshman year in classes. i applaud this move…its zack morris level shenanigans.

I highly doubt the daughter was at all attractive if her mom is having to coerce dudes into fucking her. :expressionless:

Oh my God I’m dying here.

so many racist jokes filling my head. And Boston accents, for some reason.

its cause you have the departed stuck in your head for some reason.

lol i dunno maybe, but she is a coaches daughter…people might think shes off limits especially if the coach is really crazy in how they coach teams.

Pretty sure i found her

Molly o’brien is the name. She was an academic coach for notre dame, but when you click on her link from google, nothing is there. If you click on the cached link, that was last cached on the 24th of october, it shows her info. Also a twitter page that might have been hers, that had the below details in google, is no longer on twitter.

Google cached picture from the now gone twitter

Second picture below from google image search

Thank you based google. SRK, we da bez

I don’t think I’ve ever seen an attractive female coach/gym teacher, so I’m not expecting much in the daughter department.

Nigga, she was an academic coach, not an athletic coach.

Who wanted to see pics of the mom??? WTF

At the very least, she’s probably a skinny broad with no booty who kept asking for him to spend stuff on her. That’s probably the number 1 cure for white fever.

Need pics of the daughter though. Without them it is impossible to properly assign blame. The mother clearly has issues. Was she living vicariously through her daughter? Hella sketchy to force your daughter to get stretched out like that.

Wait wait wait- I can’t believe none of us has said this yet

“Put me in, coach!”