Notre Dame's Manti Te'o lies about dead girlfriend


Future Saints player.

Whatever man…don’t act like you’ve never made up a girlfriend to impress people.

Would have been more interesting if he actually had a girlfriend, but had killed her or something and kept coming up with increasingly elaborate schemes to make it seemed like she was alive.

Football is fake anyway, who cares?

We have a college football thread but, that shit is dead so I guess this will have to do for now.
Johnny Manziel was actually his girlfriend

lmfao bet he wishes he had left for the draft last year.

STA plays football now?


This is one of those instances where reality is stranger than fiction.

You mean a guy that goes to a Catholic School turns out to be a douchebag?


^It’s so much more than that.

So in the last 10 years of the internet we went from “I have a girlfriend, these are her pics/myspace profile” to “I have a girlfriend, but she died?”

OH LAWD this new gen. No wonder they can’t hack old fighting games.:rofl:

Its real simple Mofos gotta keep they mouths shut.

You not suppose to call any woman your girlfriend if you havent laid eyes on her. I understand they way new shit works but fuck that its gonna take more than fb and skype for me to call a woman my gf.

When I saw this on sportscenter i just shook my head like Dude you better come out and start cleaning this up cause now we questioning everything about you. Your character look crazy right now.

Stephen A. just put dude on bake.

Edit: This is the best one I’ve seen:

Son Them All’s cousin? I can’t tell which story is better lol.

Damn First Take going full two hours on this?

From what I’ve heard of STA’s hustle, this isn’t something you can compare. I’ll illustrate this in a way that makes sense to everybody:

Son Them All: “Yo, I’ll kiss a chick in the mouth after she gives me head.”

Manti Te’o: “Yo, I’ll totally suck a chick’s booty hole after busting a nut in it.”

One is like :coffee:, the other one is :sleep:.

YO. Link me that thread NOWISH.


That’s quite the vivid analogy o.O


the legend of sta lives on. my fave part was when he tried to defend himself by insulting everyone who dissed him. like nigga take this major L and bounce…you cant defend yourself.