Nouveau Defi Prologue 2009- USA vs. Northern Mexico Oct 10-11th, 2009: ELP, Texas


What is Nouveau Defi Prologue 2009? (Means New Challenge-Prologue) This is an invitational event/tournament me and NeoPenny are doing that will unite top players from the United States and parts of Northern Mexico into one “Best of the Best” Clash. I’ve wanted to do this for a long time after seeing Gootecks do his “Bar Fights Series” (Our reply to his own series), and Penny presented an idea to me about what he wanted to do and thus here we are!!!


When: October 10th-11th, 2009
Where: El Camino Real Conference Room El Paso, Texas
Who can come: This is invite only…if you wanna come watch send me a PM I’ll let you know.
Is this Raging Storm El Paso: No! Raging Storm will happen once a year and alternate between the cities Phoenix and El Paso every year.

Some high profile players confirmed in attendance:

-Mr. KOF!

These are just some.

Here are the games that we will have tournaments for:

-KOFXI ($100-$200 Bonus Pot for 1st place)
-KOFXII ($100 to $200 Bonus Pot for 1st place)
-KOF 2002 Super Gun ($500 Bonus Pot 1st place)
-KOF 98 OG ($100 to $200 Bonus Pot 1st place)
-Then KOF 2k2UM and 98UM

We are running tournaments differently with pools and single elimination.

There will also be high profile exhibition matches. In regards to youtube footage, I will only post casuals, the non high profile Exhibition footage, and all matches from pools that are NOT top 4/8. Interviews will also be conducted, but all this will be on the DVD that will be released.

Who the fuck plays KOF Gootecks?




Update: Other possible tournaments include Garou MOTW, KOFXI 2v2, 2002 2v2, SVC Chaos and others.

Sunday is the Premier Exhibition Day and all Grand Finals for all tournaments will be played on Sunday.

In addition to this we have some premier exhibitions that will go on the DVD such as:

  1. Kane9999 (CD. Juarez, MEX) vs. Mr. KOF (AI-USA) in KOFXI : #1 KOFXI player in Juarez, Mexico vs. EVO World 2009 KOFXI Champion!
  2. Kane9999 (CD. Juarez, MEX) vs. Taekua (Mty., MEX) in KOFXI
  3. Esteban (CD. Juarez, MEX) vs. Hugo (CD. Juarez, MEX) in KOF 2002
  4. Mr. KOF (AI-USA) vs. Reynald (AI-USA) in KOFXII
  5. KOF 1999 Lecter (CD. Juarez, MEX) vs. Sergio (CD. Juarez, MEX)
  6. KOF 2000 Alexis (CD. Juarez, MEX) vs. Sergio (CD. Juarez, MEX)
  7. KOF 2002 Alexis (CD. Juarez, MEX) vs. Esteban (CD. Juarez, MEX)
  8. SVC Chaos NeoPenny (ELP-USA/CD. Juarez, MEX) vs. Lecter (CD. Juarez, MEX)

There are also minor Exhibitions that won’t be on the DVD but will probably go straight to youtube such as but not limited to:

-RJ vs. Kane9999 in KOFXI
-RJ vs. Taekua in KOFXI
-RJ vs. Tone! in KOFXI
-Omerta (El Paso, Texas) vs. Kane9999 (CD. Juarez, Mexico) ft3 in Garou MOTW

Now if these minor ones end up being extraordinary, they will be considered for the DVD.

And of course others…
EDIT:** I forgot to put the time things are open etc:

The doors open from 11 AM to 11 PM Saturday and Sunday to those contestants that want to know.

Tournaments start at 12 Noon. Minor Exhibitions and Interviews will happen ASAP (So please premier players arrive around 11 AM), the first Major Exhibition(Kane9999 vs. Mr. KOF) will happen Saturday Night.

Final Update:

FYI the name of the Conference Room is the Pancho Villa Conference Room.