[Nov 10-11]European Street Battle (Lyon, France)


Website : http://www.esb2k.com/

I’ve just ad this tourney to the SRK event calendar but i’m posting here too so you won’t miss it as it will feature a 2X arcade tourney on Saturday.
It won’t be the X-Mania Europe but there should still be a good level of competition, tournament starts around 11am CET with 2X, and i think we should stream only that till this tourney ends and then go into 3S and Garou top 8.

You’ll find the stream there : http://fr.twitch.tv/swga_maho


For those interested, the stream should finally start around 1pm CET with 2X top 16.


congrats wol… oldyassine n old samir for winning it


woldyassine rules !


congrats! wolmarine and viva Lyon aka = Benzema +Zizou.



r the finals somewhere in youtube?