[Nov 10, 2012] [Cafe id] Virtua Fighter 5 3vs3 Team Tournament (Cafe id)

***Games: ***
Vitua Fighter 5 ver.C on Xbox360

Entry Fees:
Venue Fee: 10,000 KRW per person
Tournament Entry Fee: 10,000 KRW per person, $30,000 KRW per team (100% of which will go towards the prize pool)

Prize Payout Breakdown:
Pot split will be 70%, 20%, 10% for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, respectively
If 20 team enters the tournament, the payout will be 420,000 KRW, 120,000 KRW, 60,000 KRW for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, respectively

This tournament recurs every month starting october 15th, 2011.
Registration for game will start at 6:00PM
Vitua Fighter 5 Team Tournament starts at 7:00PM

Tournament Set-Up:
Brackets will be randomly generated through www.challonge.com Tournament Organizer.
Tournament will be on Xbox360 only.
We have 3 set-ups with the LG 2463 monitors (Lag Free), 3 XBOX360
In order to expedite the tournaments, if your match must be played, you will have to play on the available system.
We might have a pad or two available and several TE sticks, but please BYOC/BYOS to ensure no problems.

Tournament Format:

Duplicate characters available

Double elimination Bracket
Team only needs to win 3 matches to advance through the bracket
Matches are NOT best of 3. A teammate loses a match and the other teammate goes next.
If you have no more teammates on deck, your team loses.

A team will elect a Team Captain. This Team Captains job is get their team ready for their next match. Failure to get ready when called may result in disqualification so please don’t let this happen.

[LEFT]During Team Grand Finals:[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Team who won in Winners Finals will only need to beat team who won Loser Finals “Once” to win the tourny.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]The Team who won Losers Finals will have to beat the Team who won Winners Finals “Twice” to win the tourny.[/LEFT]

Character Selection Procedure:
No characters are banned.
Character lock.

General Ground Rules:
BYOC/BYOS: Because of the turnout we hope to achieve, we ask that you bring your own controllers and fight-sticks for your own personal use. It is STRONGLY recommended that you label your belongings to prevent theft.
We are NOT responsible for any loss or damage to your equipment due to negligence. With that said, everybody show respect your peer’s belongings and there will be no issue.
Keep in mind, this is a family-friendly place. There may be other paying customers there trying to enjoy themselves on other stations as well. We understand the nature of competitive gaming can get intense. Trash-talking is definitely allowed, but please keep the vulgarity down in respect to others.
No food or drinks on the stations themselves. This is pretty self-explanatory and will ensure that damage to both Cafe id’s and your equipment will be avoided.